4 Fun-filled Activities For Seniors At A Church

4 Fun-filled Activities For Seniors At A Church

Seniors tend to be more regular church-goers compared to their younger counterparts. However, there is a lot more that seniors can  offer to their local church. Whether you’re looking for health, forgiveness, well-wishes or even some fun, there’s no better place to be than a church. Here’s how you can enjoy at a church without breaking a sweat:

4 Fun-filled Activities For Seniors At A Church


You can plan a game night at Church. Attend regular sessions and make your own group of church buddies. Every fortnight, you can ask them to bring any board game or group game to the sessions. These games can include chess and checkers. Similarly, other fun games at church include guessing games. In this, you can play charades and “Who am I?” cards on various Biblical characters and topics. Make sure to discuss game night rules with the church authorities before making any plans. In some cases, the authorities get to decide what type of games will be allowed inside the church.

Question Sessions

For every church gathering, bring a complete list of specific questions. Make sure that these questions are general, such as “How was your first ever church experience?” Similarly, you can include a series of favorite questions, such as favorite color, actor, movie, place, vacation, person and etc. Put all the questions in a bowl and circulate it. In case a question drawn comes across as offensive to other seniors, pick another question. This is one of the best ice-breaking activities you can do at a church.


One of the most fun-filled activities for seniors at churches is when they chose to sing along their favorite gospel songs and hymns. There are many churches that rely on contemporary praise songs, providing an opportunity for seniors to showcase their hidden talents.

Upon arrival, you may request the choir band on your favorite hymns and gospels and make sure the pianist knows the tune. You can even team up with your senior church buddies and organize a choir on your own, especially in Christmas season. Try looking up for senior citizens with good vocals and a background in music who wouldn’t hesitate in encouraging everyone else around them to sing.

Church Book Club

Starting a Church book discussion club is an excellent way to kill time and have some fun. As a senior, you can borrow books from your local library or purchase them online. There is a wide range of literature available on Bible and religion. As a club member, you have the right to decide the genre of books that should be read and discussed at club meetings. This can be done through vote and consensus among all other members.

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