10 Most Well-Paid Jobs In The United Kingdom That You Don’t Need A Diploma For

The search of a good job not having a qualification is a real challenge, but some vacancies may still allow you to make a lot of money without higher education. However, in this case, your resume needs to be composed wisely to show your skills in the best way. There is no need to worry as it could be easily done with a professional help of the best CV writing service. The list of the jobs that provide a decent salary without a diploma is presented below.


In comparison to previous years, much more journalists today have a special education, but it is not obligatory to start a career in this area. If you have good writing skills and reach imagination, you have all chances to get success and earn money!

Security Service

According to the researchers, the most prosperous security managers come from the military. The experience in the army is highly valued for this position, as well as logical thinking and discipline.

Harmful Wastes Manager

It is not a surprise that some companies help to destroy dangerous materials left from almost all spheres of producing from drugstores to industrial enterprises. The work with nasty products demands a worker to be careful and might be risky, but it is also well-paid.

HR Specialist

10 Most Well-Paid Jobs In The United Kingdom That You Don't Need A Diploma For
The position of HR manager may not seem the most prestigious, but it can be really rewarding as human resources specialties are highly valued these days. A person who cares about the pleasant atmosphere in the office and makes the work process more enjoyable is usually a favorite colleague and friend.

Airline Operator

There are special classes for those who want to work as air traffic controller. It takes from several months to a year to get the qualification in this area. It is still possible to start without any certificate, but the classes will make the salary much higher.

Nuclear Safety Specialist

The majority of the jobs in nuclear energy area require a degree, but there are some positions you may get without a diploma. However, it is still necessary to have certain skills which can be taught during classes provided by a special organization.

Oil Platform Worker

Offshore working is a hard, long-lasting and risky occupation. It may require special equipment and it is necessary to be ready for durable shifts. The work requires an ability to drill and spend a lot of time in the sea, but you still do not need a degree and considering all the difficulties the salary is high.

Commodity Trader

Having a degree for this profession is optional, the most important are to be good at math and develop great speaking skills. A lot of traders start their career just after school. However, you need a specific qualification which can be obtained on certain courses.

Mine Worker

The work in mining industry can be even harder than being the on the oil platform. It requires a lot of time and the majority of constructions are located abroad. Thus, it is necessary to spend a few months far from home. A special license might be needed for working with certain equipment.

Stock Marker Sales Manager

As long as you are good at sales, a special qualification is not necessary to achieve success in trading. However, you might need to pass an ethic exam. It is important to remember that job also requires high-stress resistance.

No matter what job you choose, just remember to take something that suits you personally. There are a lot of occupations that might bring good money without a degree, but it may involve a lot of risks, stress or special skills. It is better to make sure it is worth it!