Will Kindle Oasis Stand True To Its Claim Of ‘months and months’ Of Battery Life?

2007 was the year when Kindle was released in the market and this was the year when our society had changed how it consumed digital content forever.

The primary device at that time, to communicate, play games, browse the internet and pass time with social media was the smartphone and tablet and iPhone had just been launched and Amazon Kindle which has only focus on reading had not found it’s niche. Slowly it appealed to people who were willing to pay a reasonable amount for a very light device which can only be used for reading and nothing else. The positive feedback was reflected in the calls made to Kindle technical service number by the customers.

 Will Kindle Oasis Stand True To Its Claim Of ‘months and months’ Of Battery Life?

Now it’s time for release of its eighth generation kindle called Oasis which costs $289, making it at the top of its family. The previous kindle costs around $200 and it lacks the light weightness of the Oasis which just weighs 4.6 ounces which is 20 percent less than other kindles. If you compare to latest iPad mini then it’s heavier by 10 ounce.

The new oasis comes with a leather case which contains an extra battery to significantly increase the charge time of the device. Magnets in the battery pack on the cover gives the Kindle Oasis “months and months” of battery life. And amazon has been heard saying that without the cover the battery would empty in matter of weeks.

David Limp the vice president has been quoted as saying that Amazon  Kindle is likely to grow besides all the challenges and obstruction it faces from smartphones. Although this assumption is made as there was a lot of support for the device by the customers who called  Kindle technical support but it’s likely to be true.

Reading can also be done on a phones and tablets but the main problem with that is, that you get constantly distracted from reading you may get emails, Facebook notifications, text messages from your friends and other things as well. All these make your attention span short the main catch with the concept of  kindle is that is isolates you from your surrounding and lets you to get lost in the author’s story.

Amazon has singled out kindle for reading only and has no intention of making it anything more as it has already launched Fire family of general-purpose tablets and had even launched smartphone which didn’t go down well the consumers. The kindle’s unique customer service asymmetrical shape of its back lets users hold it with ease. Holding Kindle is very comfortable but this bargain came at a cost with the battery capacity got compensated for the feature or shape of the kindle due to which its easier to hold it. But some of the battery capacity is placed in the cover.