Why Should People Visit India For Medical Tourism

Are you travelling to other country for availing medical services? There are many people who travel to some other countries for the purpose of medical treatment. This type of travelling is called as medical tourism. There are various reasons for the people to visit other countries for medical treatment. People from developing countries visit the developed countries to look for better medical treatment, while some people visit some countries where they can get medical treatment at fewer prices. People usually prefer to visit healthcare centres which have JCI accreditation. There are many people who keep on visiting India for medical treatment.

Reasons why People Visit India for Medical Tourism:

1. Less medical treatment cost: India offers various types of medical treatments at very cheap and reasonable prices. If you would check the price of medical treatment cost in the developed countries such as US, Australia and UK. Even, staying and travelling is also cheaper in India as compared to some other developed countries. Therefore, most of the people prefer to visit India for medical treatment purposes.

2. Experienced and high quality doctors: India is known for the best quality education in the medical field. In India, there are many experienced staff faculties and doctors to train the students seeking to become highly skilled doctors and surgeons. Every month, numerous of patients visit India for many health related problems like joint replacement, heart transplants, liver transplants, infertility in women and many other complicated problems.

3. JCI Accrediation: JCI stands for Joint Commission International. There are many hospitals in India that are JCI accreditation. The aim of JCI is to enhance the safety of patients and to enhance the quality of healthcare centres in International community. There are several hospitals in India that JCI Accrediation like Fortis, Apollo group of hospitals, Asian Heart Institute, etc.

3. Priority to tourists: Indian hospitals usually give preferences to those who visit from other countries to avail medical treatment services. Indian hospitals take care of the needs of the patients who need immediate medical services. There are various organizations in India that make arrangement of Visas, tickets, travelling, passports so that patient does not need to wait for long to get medical treatment.

4. NABH Accrediation: NABH stands for National Accrediation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare providers. The role of NABH is to executean accreditation programfor various healthcare organizations. Numerous of hospitals are NABH accreditation in India because of which lots of patients from other countries prefer India for medical treatment services.

If you wish to make your hospital of high quality standard, then Mediance Healthcare may bring JCI accreditation program for your hospital. MEdiance healthcare has a team of experienced healthcare consultants who have been working with many quality hospitals in India like Fortis escorts, Apollo hospitals, and Artemis Hospital, etc.

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