Travel Tips: Budget Lisbon Tour

Portuguese is one of the most beautiful and amazing European countries, famous of its history, nature, city sights. You can find different entertainments here. This is your chance to choose entertainments of different kinds about your interests and pleasure.

Lisbon is a good place for budget vacation. You can easily find attractive prices for hotels here. There is always a chance to visit vast number of interesting city sights for free. Do you know that your dinner can be cheap but tasty? The big bonus is amazing beach territory. So, it is time to learn how to visit Lisbon for limited budget to get maximum impression instead.

The Best Time for Budget Trip to Lisbon

The peak of touristic season is June, July and August. This is the period, when it can be really difficult to find good budget hotel. The price for ticket is at its very worst. The spring and autumn is the best season to visit Lisbon: pleasant weather, budget prices, and available hotels. If you want to save more money, you should visit Lisbon in winter. Do not try to save 1 or 2 EUR for living in distant regions. The best variant is booking hotel close to Baixa region.


The western part of Baixa is a region of rich night life. If you want to sleep at night, or travelling with kids, try to avoid this territory. It is too noisy here.  Anyway, choosing the right place to stay try to find it not far from the metro station or bus stop.

Going form the Airport

The airport of Lisbon is situated within the city boundaries. It is connected with metro line that crosses the city from side to side. Moreover, there is a special bus, going from the airport to Baixa district. Do not use taxi – this is wasting your money. You may also hire a car in Lisbon to feel free from the transport rules. The class and category of your car makes the price of it.

Budget Places to Eat in Lisbon

It is easy to find a good place to eat for cheap in Lisbon. You should not go to the touristic center. Try to find a place where locals used to go. Portuguese cafes and small restaurants are noisy and overcrowded. Cafe is the best place for lunch: the assortment of traditional Portuguese dishes is wide. You can also have a break in the food-court of one or another big shopping center. You can find many different fast food points, offering tasty food for attractive prices.

Living in the central part of Baixa, you should visit food-court of the popular shopping mall Armazens do Chiado. This is the placed to taste popular Portuguese dishes for 5 EUR or less.


To buy cheap alcohol you should go to the supermarket or cafe. The cheapest beer is Sagres or Supper Bock. You can find it in the cafes. It is cheaper than water! To taste some wine or other drinks, you should also go to the cafe. The local bars and night clubs are very expensive. Spending good time in the night club you can spend all your money. You may try to visit small bars in Bairro Alto. This place gathers many people together to make one big party in the center of the city.

Budget Places to Visit in Lisbon

Of course, the cheapest way to learn the city is riding legendary tram №28. The route goes through the city regions to the legendary place – Basilica da Estrela. The one-way ticket is about 1,50 EUR or 2-90 EUR buying the ticket from tram driver.

Museu Berardo is free museum that includes about 1000 exhibit items of modern arts. It is comfortably situated in the cultural city region. Belem is very beautiful territory full of parks, monuments. All of them are free to visit. So, you can spend the half of the day here.

Lisbon Park

Never miss your chance to admire the beautiful city view from the ferry. It costs not much. There are many ferry routs, going to one or another touristic place. For example, you can get to the famous place in Lisbon – Cristo Rei by ferry. It costs no more than 1.25 RUR for one-way ticket. You should also pay for 2 EUR for bus ticket, taking you straight to the statue bottom. The view is amazing from here!

Parque das Nacoes is a huge modern part of historical Lisbon. The territory is situated along the river. You can find different exhibitions here. The most of them are connected with water thematic. There is a long ropeway along the park.

Remember that Lisbon is a good place for walking. You can find many interesting places. Thus, the streets of Alfama are narrow. You should leave your car out of the city center and go on foot. You meet different monuments, churches. The entrance is mostly free.

One-Day Budget Trip to Lisbon

The beaches are connected with the city by railway road Cascais-Lisbon. The ticket to the best regional beach Carcavelos costs about 3 EUR. You may visit beautiful port city Cascais and glamour resort Estoril on your way. You can easily learn both of these colorful cities by walking them. The central part of Cascais welcomes to hire a bicycle and ride along the sea cost. Do not forget your passport or other document.

à espera - wating

The next popular one-day trip from Lisbon goes to Sintra – little city, situated on a hill of Serra de Sintra. You can see two glorious palaces, ruins of ancient castle and big villas, built in the 19th century. Of course, the prices are not low. Nevertheless, you have a chance to visit at least one of them to walk the terraces and patio. The price for ticket from Lisbon to Sintra is 2,50 EUR. The historical center lies about 1 kilometer far from the railway station. Which way of travelling do you prefer: renting car, train or city buses? Think of saving your money and go on foot! This is in budget way!