Train Hard: TOP 14 Popular Sport Clubs In Athens

Nothing is lucking for comfort in Greece and certainly in Athens. Modern Greeks are not considered to be the sport people. They are not aimed to keep healthy life. Nevertheless, they want to look young and strapped. Thus, you can meet sport centers in Athens everywhere. The prices and range of services are different. Here is the list of the best-visiting sport places in Greek capital.

Holme’s PLace

This sport source occupies about 3 500 square meters. More than 20 competent instructors, 50 race tracks, group programs, hamam, sauna, heated swimming pool are waiting for you. There is a hair style salon, sport shop, bar, cafe, dieting expert. You have a chance to meet celebrities.

The prices are 90 EUR per month (7 a.m.-5 p.m. and 120 EUR per month from 7 p.m. The prices are available just on the condition of yearly subscription only.

Caroli Health Club

The territory occupies about 1 300 square meters. The stuff is more than 20 experienced training specialists. You may visit group programs, 26 race tracks, 25 fitness cycles, Pilates, martial sciences, individual training. You are also offered to make use of solarium, hamam, hair styling, manicure, pedicure, bar and cafe. There is one special service – aromatic shower, SPA-procedures and massage.

The prices are 50 EUR per month, 77 EUR for fitness center and aerobics, 70 EUR for one-year subscription, including 12 massages, 12 manicures and 12 solariums.

Pepper Club - Gym


Meet 7 competent sport experts to teach you how to make your body perfect. The territory is more than 1 400 square meters. The fitness center, Pilates, aerobic programs, sauna, hamam, beauty salon, solarium, massage cabinet, diet expert are at your full disposal. Do you like yoga? You can start. The center offers a wide opportunity to be included in one or another sport program or weekend excursion.

The prices are 45 EUR per month. If you want to get individual training, it costs about 250 EUR for 10 lessons.

Vari Sports Club

According to the expert’s opinion, the set of services is the best in this center. Meet the next elite sport club, best-loved place in Athens. About 30 sport experts help you to train hard, using modern equipment. In additions to this you may use heated swimming-pool, 2 tennis-courts, beach volley ball, Ping-Pong, SPA salon. Never miss your chance to meet celebrities.

The price is about 150 EUR per month. You should learn more about their sales policy and additional services.

Gym Tonic

There are four floors of specialists to make you beautiful. 5 sport experts help you to do sport. You may use race tracks, Pilates, yoga, dance studio. The price is 900 EUR per year or 1 000 EUR per year, including 24 massages. Never miss your chance to get sale for sportsmen and youth.

ΔΑΪΣ Sports Center

There are 15 000 square meters to spend time useful time. Training halls, group activities – yoga, Pilates, karate, heated swimming pool, football field and tennis courts are waiting for you. The clients can get 20% sale for sport goods all over the city. The price consists of registration – 50 EUR, 65 EUR per month – swimming, 75 EUR per month – fitness center. There is a flex sales system.

Let’s Go Gym

This is one of the best-visiting budget centers in the city. The full of services is standard: race track, kickboxing, gymnastics, aerobics. The main additional programs are: SPA, massage, manicure, solarium, playground, table tennis. The price is 160 EUR per year.


Mega Gym

The three floors of the best modern sport equipment are at your full disposal. The programs are: aerobics, yoga, Pilates, sauna, hamam. The list of additional services is solarium, diet specialist, free parking. By the way, rental car services in Athens can help you to find the most convenient way to one or another sport complex. What do you know about the color therapy? You can find it here!

The price is 150 EUR per month plus 30 EUR for registration.

Hercules Gym

The competent experts are able to help clients on the territory of 4 000 square meters. There is nothing new and special. The list of services is standard: race track, swimming pool, cycling, group lessons, beauty salon, free parking, and solarium. The price is about 90 EUR per month plus 30 EUR for registration. The one year price is 600 EUR.

Ya Va Private Fitness Club

The small, but elegant sport club attracts people’s attention of its top-grade individual training. You are offered to use sauna, hamam, individual change-rooms. This is the place for celebrities, Greek sportsmen, businessmen. The price is about 3 000 EUR per 50 visits a year. You can also find something cheaper here. Come and see.

Hotel Gyms HILTON

The club is modernly equipped to use fitness center, swimming-pool, SPA-center, hamam, individual training, Pilates. The minimum price is 700 EUR per 6 months, 1 200 EUR for one-year ticket.

Divani Appolon Palace SPA

The fitness club occupies 400 square meters: big hall for group classes, Pilates, swimming pool, sauna, SPA procedures, hamam, individual classes cost about 85 EUR per day. The packet for 3 months costs 1050 EUR.

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St. George Lycabettus

What a cute small center! There is a swimming pool and fitness center. The price is 200 EUR per 6 months, including fitness center, hamam and Jacuzzi. The one-year ticket is 700 EUR.

Flamingo Fitness

The club counts about 7 000 mebers. The guests are offered to train in aerobics, Pilates, yoga, dance classes Be Fit and TRX. The timetable is easy to find on the web. The one-day lessons are available. The price per month is 65 EUR, 3 months – 160 EUR, 6 months – 270 EUR.


Of course, sport is what you need to have nice body and good health. Athens boasts with rich sport traditions. The city guests have a great opportunity not only watch sport, but train hard every day. Do you prefer diving to fishing, or wind surfing to tennis? You may go cycling, running, or play golf. Coming to Athens, you may be sure that you can find all you need for doing sport.