Things To Know About Muay Thai Sport

Muay Thai is a national fighting sport of the Thailand. Some westerns called this sport as “Thai Boxing”. This sport came into existence in 1930. It was originated due to historical conflicts between Thailand and Burma. Muay Thai techniques are so much effective that the strong opponent can also be defeated by practicing it. The eight parts of the body are involved in learning this art.

Ø Types of Muay Thai Techniques:-

The different kinds of Thai boxing techniques are the following:-

1.     Defensive Techniques:-

·      Blocking:-

It is the first defensive technique of the Thai boxing. In this technique, you defend yourself from the opponent by putting a leg in front of an attack. Blocking with shins is utilized to prevent leg strikes. If you want to save yourself from punch strikes then you can block it with fists and arms.

·      Catching:-

As its name suggests, you have to catch a leg of the combatant from a knee, tee or kick strike. On doing it, he will lose his balance and you can easily defeat him. A professional Thai fighter knows this technique very well, so you should join Muay Thai training camp to learn this art.

2.     Kicking Techniques:-

·      Body kick:-

The first kicking technique that you will learn is Body kick. It is the most effective technique through which you can beat your rival in one attack. If you will master this technique then it will indicate that you are a complete Thai boxing fighter.

·      Head kick:-

This powerful technique can cause the combatant unconscious. Thus you can understand how much important is practicing this technique. There is also a danger while doing this technique i.e. if the rival sees it coming and bend then you can be out of position.

3.     Boxing Techniques:-

·      Jab:-

It is the most basic punch and may be the first attacking weapon that you will master. Jab can also be used for defense purpose. Learning a strong jab is necessary for becoming the best Muay Thai fighter.

·      Hook to the body:-

“Hook to the body” is one of the great punching techniques. It involves utilization of body hooks or uppercuts by which you can put down your opponent with great ease.  It can have a dangerous effect on the combatant’s body if you land a left hook to the liver.

Ø Health benefits of Learning Muay Thai:-

There are many advantages of practicing this art such as:-

·      The excessive calories will be burnt resulting in reduced weight.

·      Thai boxing exercises also decreases the level of stress hormones.

·      Your muscles will become strong thus you can do any physical activity in a convenient manner.

·      It will also lead to the proper functioning of heart.

·      There will be improvement in your immune system ensuring protection against diseases.

·      You can also have a glowing skin by performing Thai boxing regularly.

In addition to this, the person of any age can attend this camp and it is open for males as well as females. If you have time , you can join a Muay Thai camp . Thus you should to travel to Thailand to have fun and good health.