The Virtual Business World – The Future Today

The Virtual Business World – The Future Today

The Internet was the beginning of the digital commerce age, and with a few decades of continued development, we now live in a virtual world in many ways. Games are moving into virtual reality, with headset devices already on the market, and let’s not forget online shopping, which gives the consumer the ultimate buying experience. It wasn’t that many years ago when the idea of having a face to face video call with someone on the other side of the world would be considered insane, yet today it is taken for granted.

The Virtual Business World – The Future Today

The Smartphone

This amazing device does so much more than just make and receive telephone calls. Powered by a quad core processor (or two), it is a mini computer with RAM, and can run a wide range of apps that give the user so much control. A state of the art Samsung or iPhone is also a high definition camera that takes video with professional quality, and the images are equal to (or better than) some of the best digital SLR cameras available. A smartphone can browse the Internet, and with most websites mobile compatible, navigating is simple. More and more consumers are ordering products with their smartphone, which means that buying has never been easier.

Virtual Business

There are many small businesses that are run from home, although you would never know it. The website is dynamic, their offices are in a prestigious capital city, and when you call, the receptionist immediately responds. It is possible to create a virtual business environment that is both professional and dynamic, and with virtual receptionist services on offer, all the calls will be answered and the appropriate response taken, enhancing a well-organised business by providing total communication solutions.

Call Handling Services

There is more to this than just taking messages, with specific seasonal support available, for those really hectic few weeks when the orders are pouring in. If your staff need a break, a virtual receptionist can take over the role for as long as you wish, and they will cover absenteeism for any reason. Your receptionist is very much at the front line, and the position demands a high level of professionalism, which your virtual receptionist would have in abundance. For more information on the importance of phone answering, here is an interesting site.

Customer Support

As any business grows, it depends on good customer support, and sometimes the volume of traffic can be overwhelming, but there are solutions, with modern call handling companies that can supply trained online receptionists to handle all enquiries. If your sales team is the best and your sales figures are going through the roof, things will soon come crashing down if you have inadequate customer support, so talk to a call handling company, who can supply a professional virtual receptionist to handle your calls.

Automated Systems

Some companies make the mistake of installing an automated voice system that transfers callers to different departments, but people do not like to be kept waiting, especially when it is a computerised voice simulation telling them to “hold the line”. Human beings like to talk to other humans, and there is no substitute for that, especially in a business relationship. It is not yet possible to explain to a computer that you really need to know when the product will be shipped, as you have to go away unexpectedly.The best way to go, is to use Message Direct’s virtual PA services, with trained receptionists who are fully briefed on your company and its products or services, then you can be sure of good customer relations, which really do count at the end of the day.

Worldwide Exposure

One of the things to remember when you are selling goods online is that your customers can be from anywhere in the world, and they will not wait until your offices are open if they wish to talk to someone. A call handling service will be ready to take your calls 24/7, and will pass any messagesin your preferred way, allowing you to always have your finger on the pulse, especially when it comes to customer care.

An Account Manager

A reputable call handling company would assign each client with an account manager, and this person would be responsible for overseeing your operation. If, for example, you made a sudden price increase, or had important product information, a simple call to your account manager and this information is passed on to the virtual receptionist, who will update their records.

Call Centre

The call answering company would typically operate from one location, where all of their virtual receptionists work, and with a virtual phone number that relays the call, your clients would never know that the receptionist who answered the call is not your regular employee. The call answering company would be very experienced in providing a range of services to many different industries, and they would represent you in the best way possible.

Start Up Businesses

More often than not, a small business cannot afford to hire a full time receptionist, and while they may have their marketing up to scratch, the call answering is a bit hit and miss. This situation will quickly resolve itself, as people will just stop calling if they receive no answer. Any small business that expects to grow, must have adequate coverage for incoming calls, as this is still the preferred method for the consumer, and with a call answering service, it is both professional and very affordable.

Improved Efficiency

With all your external communications covered, and messages sent to the relevant people, your business will run at optimum speed, and with improved customer satisfaction, your sales will also increase. You may have a super receptionist, who can handle anything, but even she needs a break sometimes, and with a reliable company, you can outsource the position temporarily.

Digital technology has not only enabled companies to sell their products worldwide, it also offers a great call answering and virtual receptionist service, which many small businesses desperately need. If your company is struggling with a high volume of enquiries, call in the experts to take the strain.