Scaling Out The Pros and Cons Of A School Locker !

A school is often addressed as a second home. Our parents toil day and night to provide us with all the facilities that sum up their hard-work and dedication. The school too provides us with the best of facilities that witness the hard work and dedication of the teachers, principal and the management. When it comes to facilities we have schools that go the extra mile to provide exceptional benefits and some schools that believe in providing the benefits that are mandatory.

Two Sides of the Same Coin

Every situation has two sides, that comprises of the pros and cons.

Whether a school should have a locker or not has become a debatable topic with many schools going for and against the implementation of a school locker.

The implementation of a school locker too has two sides as there are some advantages and disadvantages that attribute its popularity. When we discuss the pros of having a locker system in school, we have the scales pointing towards the benefits that the students would garner. The management side has a story with double standards. They sometimes emphasis for and sometimes against having a storage system in the school.

What’s so Good about the Lockers ?

When we talk about the burden that the students have to carry we have the scales pointing to the implementation of lockers for school. When we focus on particular factors, the scales all show varying results. Sometimes it shows a positive influence and sometimes a negative influence and this helps in making the topic a disputable one. Backpacks are the identity of a school student, they are loaded with oodles of knowledge that are waiting to enter the enthusiastic brains. Sometimes students become very tired in carrying the study materials from one place to another. In such a situation, a locker system would be a boon to the students.

Apart from the above-mentioned factor, a locker system would instill some of the qualities like time management, being organized, accountable and also the quality of maintaining neatness in the surroundings.

Why have Lockers Taken a Back Seat ?

The cost is what bothers the management in shelling out their wallets for a storage system in the school, that is considered as a mere piece of furniture adding to the sufficiency of the students. The management estimates that the installation of a locker would burn a hole in the pockets, negating the significance of a school locker.

It has been observed that the students waste a lot of time in going to the locker and getting their books and other study materials when there is a change in the lecture. Installing a locker in the school premises would eat up the spaces leading to congestion that is far from being appreciated. Apart from this, they also get a secure place to hide things that are not encouraged in the school premises.

We have the good and the bad in front of us, it now entirely depends on the management whether they want to go with the advantages or the disadvantages and accordingly make a decision.