Prophet TB Joshua – Helping People To Lead A Spiritual Life

Prophet TB Joshua - Helping People To Lead A Spiritual Life

In the present times, people are leading a materialistic life in order to earn more money and lead a lavish life than inculcating some spiritual thoughts. Most of them are not in a habit of visiting the Churches and skip the masses or congregations. However, the focus of SCOAN ministry is to guide people on the right path and lead them towards spirituality. The Prophet TB Joshua is guiding the people through teachings of God that have been written in Bible. He says that Christians should follow these teachings in order to get near the God and stop thinking about wrong things in the life.

Exercising the Spirituality

People should focus on the positive aspects of life rather than believing the wrong things or inculcating bad habits in their daily life. This will take them towards addiction and depression that will further ruin the very existence of their life. The only answer to it is leading a spiritual life and helping others who are facing the situation similarly to one you have faced in the past. Prophet TB Joshua states that the humanity can only exist if everyone helps one another without any discrimination against cast, creed or color and listen to the moral teachings of God.

With the introduction of spirituality in one’s life, a person can feel a drastic change in their daily living and they become a better person because the situations do not rule them anymore. The people grace the very existence of Almighty and visit Churches to attend congregations or masses to lead a spiritual life along with their social life. They receive peace through the healing prayers and touch of the Pastor as he helps individuals to improve their life for a better living.

Blessing People with Grace of God

The Prophet states the Lord is looking after the sufferings of his Children and helping them to come out of this situation if they inculcate His teachings in their life. They should not follow the bad path in the adverse situations rather go through the Lord Jesus teachings from Bible. Even the Pastor is helping people by providing a healing touch as he says that the only duty he is doing is to bring people from the darkness towards hope where they can find peace and happiness.

The people who attend the congregation at SCOAN ministry have received blessings from the Prophet and their diseases and sufferings have been eliminated. Most of them have taken the Morning water, CD/DVD’s, etc. that has helped them to seek for the teachings of God. With this, the community can go towards the teachings of God if they follow the Bible sermons in a proper way. They should inculcate obedience, listen to their conscience, and follow the divine teachings and much more for leading a prosperous life.

Lastly, it can be seen that the Prophet TB Joshua has shown a path of glory to the distressed people and helped them to come out of their sufferings, realize their sins and pray for getting the glory of god. Even most of them after attending the congregations and lectures of the Pastor have started leading the spiritual path.