Why MacBook Pro Does Not Have SD Card Reader

new macbook pro 2016

The new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar is a wonderful device, so there is plenty of complaints about. First, everyone hit back style because of the high prices. The omission of some connectors creates a storm of criticism; as it lacks an SD slot. Apple chief executive Phil Schiller is convinced, however, that Apple has chosen the right path, he says in an interview with The Independent.

new macbook pro 2016

Why Apple Removed the SD Card Reader

Apple had a number of reasons to leave the SD slot omitted. Schiller calls the SD slot bothersome: “Such a card always sticks out.” Also, the choice now to the consumer, which is not necessarily tied to SD cards. but must purchase an adapter itself: “There are good and fast USB card readers, and you can use Compact Flash and SD. First we chose are equipped for SD, because most consumer cameras with that, you can only choose one thing. “In addition, Schiller stresses the development whereby more and more cameras use wireless data transfer.

Headphone Jack Indeed Exist

One of the terminals have been preserved, the headphone jack. Previously it was thought that it would disappear. The new iPhone 7 it must already do without headphone jack and Apple sparked the rumors by asking in a survey among Mac users for their headphone use.

Still, Apple decided to keep this port, something Schiller this about will lose. “If it had just gone headphones, the port could have been away, we believe that wireless is a great solution for headphones. But an article by Macback.US says, many users have professional audio equipment for which there is no wireless alternative.”

Criticism is Fine

Finally, Schiller said that he was surprised at first, but that was not necessary. “I do not know any good successful Apple product had to endure no criticism at the start – and that’s cool. We took quite a risk and with every step forward, there is a change that you have to learn to cope.