Looking After Guests In The Hotel Industry!

Looking After Guests In The Hotel Industry!

The hotel and hospitality industry is very challenging and dynamic when it comes to work. The staff and the employees working in these hotels need to make guests feel like they are at home away from home. With the right professionals in the hotel and hospitality industry, you feel like coming back to a hotel you once stayed in repeatedly.

Inspiring Leader in the Hotel Industry

Patrick Imbardelli is not a stranger to the hotel and hospitality industry. He is known for his rich experience of inspiring and leading people in the hotel management industry in the USA and the world. He is responsible for making The Pan Pacific Hotels Group one of the best luxury hotel chains in the world. He was the President and The Chief Executive Officer of The Pan Pacific Hotels Group having 12 international locations. He is responsible for making this chain of luxury hotels receive many national and international awards.

When it comes to training and mentoring, he has been a role model for his staff and employees. He is friendly and approachable. He does not believe in leading with fear. He says that the success of a hotel lies in teamwork and this is why everyone is responsible for making it a success. There are challenges in the form of different kinds of customers and guests that come to the hotel. They look for flawless service and some can be intimidating in their behavior and nature. It is here that he steps in to help and guide his subordinates.

Master the Skills needed in the Hotel and Hospitality Industry

He says that you cannot learn the tricks of the trade overnight and this is the reason why you should be patient. Developing people skills and understanding the customer requires practice and patience. He also shares his personal experience and ensures that his staff and subordinates are inspired by the stories he shares. His staff and subordinates perform better when he trains them as they can share with him their issues and concerns freely. He helps them and ensures they get the confidence required to become successful professionals in the industry.

Handle difficult Guests with Patience

When it comes to difficult customers, he says that you should give them a patient hearing. You should not speak in between and allow them to finish what they need to say. This will help them understand the fact that you are willing to listen to them and resolve their problems. When they vent out their frustrations, you can give them options as resolutions to the problems they have. This generally works and helps you gain their confidence too.

The hotel and hospitality industry is very exciting and there are great career opportunities too. You can join this industry and walk into a lucrative career for life. Patrick Imbardelli is also an avid social worker and actively is involved in charity. He works with passion for underprivileged children. He is married with two children and is the citizen of Italy and Australia.