Leveraging Siteground Coupon Codes To Create A Mobile Version Of My Website?

Due to the increasing number of smartphone users, they mostly visit different websites using their mobile browsers. Because of this, it becomes a mandatory requirement that your website should have a mobile-friendly version which will help users navigate your site well regardless of the screen size.

Leveraging Siteground Coupon Codes To Create A Mobile Version Of My Website?

Written in this article are the different ways in order for you to have your own mobile website. Before proceeding with the technicalities, let us first identify the reasons why we need to go for the idea of creating a mobile-friendly website:

Be Customer-centered

Usually, the websites are rich because they include Flash and video content. However, they may not be displayed well on mobile. If this continues to happens, it could result to customer dissatisfaction, thus could result to the decrease of sales and leads.

Be Competitive

Everywhere you go, especially in the city, you can see people with their smartphones. In our society today, lots of people use browse the web through their phones to be able to stay on the go and keep in touch with their family and friends anywhere. What you have to do is not waste the chance, and improve your mobile website in the most responsive way possible. Thus, you might want to check whether your web hosting server can handle it. If you want to get better deals for web hosting, you can grab some siteground coupon codes.

How do one exactly create a mobile website?

  1. Create a Mobile Version of Your Current Site

There are various ways to quickly create your own mobile-friendly site by using different conversion platforms that can be found on the internet. Some of these are bMobilized or Duda Mobile. In making your mobile version, here are the important keys to remember:

  • It requires you to have a separate website.
  • It could not be easy to keep two sites updated.
  • The users may also get irate if they find lesser information available in the mobile version compared to the desktop.
  1. Mobile Plugins on CMS Platforms

There are some website content management systems having bolt-on solution to make your website mobile-friendly that do not require you to have separate versions. Some incorporate additional methods to customize the mobile experience. Here are other plugins that could help:

  • WordPress Mobile Plugins
  • Joomla Mobile Plugins
  • Drupal Mobile Plugins
  1. Using a Mobile-first Responsive Design

Those information aforementioned are only substitute solutions that can be used temporarily while you are still working on the well-developed mobile version of your website. Here are the important factors to keep in mind:

  • Designing the mobile website needs thorough planning about how it will be navigated on the mobile phones.
  • Interactive design provides the best probable experience on the smartphones but would need improvements to the site’s appearance especially on its design as well as its function.


You will need to make preparations before you proceed with the mobile version of your website.

Another thing that you must take note is the effective management of both the desktop and mobile website, but if you are dedicated enough, there should not be any problem that could stress you out.