Ideal Valentine’s Day Flowers to Express Love

‘And they lived happily ever after’. Every story that ends this way needs a special ingredient and that’s buckets of mushy love. They say, ‘If you love someone show it’ and what can be a better time than Valentine’s Day? It’s a day of celebration for all those hearts which beat for each other.

Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to win her heart with some lovely red roses. It can be any form a bouquet, a bunch or a heart shape arrangement (if you are utterly romantic). If you thought only westerners celebrate this day with great enthusiasm you are wrong. The Valentine fever is at peak also in India. Exchanging special gifts, sending flowers, ordering cakes and expressing love through cute, cuddly teddy bears is now a common ritual among lovers as well as husband and wife.

As soon as February approaches attentive florists are very busy creating the best Valentine’s Day flower arrangements to set the mood right. Pre-ordering Valentine’s Day flowers to India is now the latest trend. Things are so simple now with online flower and gift delivery available right at the receiver’s doorstep. No running around to the local florist or looking for a telephone number of a flower delivery service who would take the flowers to the destination on the special day. The most luxurious roses and exotic flowers can be selected right from home and any corner of the world.

The candle light dinner comes later but a surprise gift at midnight always adds a special effect and no one can deny that. Gifts are many but the most chosen Valentine’s Day gifts are roses, boxes of chocolates and heart shaped cakes.

Here are some tips for bespoke bouquets which is sure to impress her the most.


Bouquet of 100 roses

Red roses have always been considered the universal sign of love. It’s the ideal way to display of affection and the deepest feelings. It goes without saying that bunch of hundred roses always steals the show.

Mix or Red and Pink Roses

A sumptuous blend of velvety red and soft pink roses makes one of the most gorgeous flower arrangements. Florists usually blend in accompanying foliage to make the flowers look more gorgeous. A beauty like that on Valentine’s Day will surely play the role of a messenger of your true love.

A luxury bouquet sign of true romance

Lavishness in flower arrangement comes from adding some exotic elements into the bouquet. A unique combination of oriental or calla lilies, orchids, long stem roses with some ribbons or berries could add the wow factor which you lover would cherish the most.

It always need not be expensive but it should be classy, that’s the trick to win hearts. It’s not necessary to wait for her birthday or an anniversary to convey the message of love and care, a thoughtful flower bunch and a gift on the 14 of February could say it all. Valentine’s Day is not only for lovers but for all relations involving affection and care. Conveying the warmth of heart, expressing gratitude, resolving disagreements with friends; Valentine’s Day gives an opportunity to make relations stronger.