How Women Can Travel Safely?

Many women want to travel safely and often they don’t have someone who can accompany them. Solo traveling for women can be quite challenging and it’s highly recommended to find a partner. However, if they do need to travel alone, women should educate themselves on how to achieve safe trip. As an example, it is important to learn about traditions, habits, dress code and culture in the destination country. Other from websites, we can learn about a foreign country through tourist brochures, tourism information offices, consulates and embassies.

Although the destination is generally safe, there could be some parts of the country with higher crime rate against women. Regardless of the location, it’s imprudent for women to walk on quiet streets at night. Any type of dress that we wear should offend the sensibilities of locals. Although the country has relaxed dress code, wrong type of clothing could still get women wrong sort of attention. Some countries may have stricter dress code that requires women to cover their legs, arms and hair.

Many Buddhist sites throughout Asia require travelers to wear decent clothing with long-sleeved shirts and long pants. Even on beaches, it is important for women to maintain decency and try to reduce risks by wearing modest clothing. Regardless of the situation, the best method is to wear what locals are wearing. This will cause traveling women to become less conspicuous. Although many countries are relatively safe, it’s important for women for not being complacent about their overall level of personal security.

It is still possible for women who dress conservatively to be targeted by criminals. Women should bring just enough money during their trip and it’s important to be discreet when the transaction involves large amount of money. Because some capitals can be quite crowded and the traffic jams are massive, it is important to go to airport or train stations hours before the hour of departure.  Hotels can also be quite unsafe and it’s important to choose those in a well-trafficked area. Online reviews may also tell us a lot about the safety and service of a hotel.

In any case, we should avoid hitchhiking in a foreign country. There could be many people who will help or even protect us in a foreign country, but there are still others who have bad intention against solitary traveling women. When taking taxi, it’s important that we know about the usual route that it should take. We may use Google Street View on our smartphone to research about the closest and most well-trafficked streets.

In this case, we will be able to tell the driver to take specific directions. When taking train or bus, first class and air-conditioned models are usually safer. Regardless of what we do instinct and common sense should allow us to stay safe and secure. It is important to know that criminals don’t always look stereotypically sinister. In this case, we should stay away from strangers in quiet areas, no matter how decent they look.