How To Use WhatsApp To Increase Blog Traffic

A part from many Search Engine Optimization tricks and tips people also attack the social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter for targeting and obtaining quality traffic. The various messenger services like Whatsapp is not highly recommended to use as a tool for search engine optimization but it is also a fact that if the WhatsApp is used sensibly it can help generate quality traffic to your website. So if you are an active WhatsApp user and are in contact with loads of other whatsapp contacts then this app can be able to provide some decent traffic. Let us see how.

  1. Whatsapp status: The whatsapp status of your account is the first thing that a person sees about you. You can change the status and add in your website. This can give the maximum exposure and also increase traffic, if only out of curiosity. There are many ways you can update the status for e.g. you can change your status to the name of your website, or your website tagline can be your status etc. You can also upload the screen shot of your website as your display picture.
  2. Broadcast Articles: This feature of Whatsapp is similar to the group SMSing feature we were so used to using in the good old days. In this feature a broadcast group is created with a list of people and can broadcast messages to them which would give them information about the website. What you only need to do is share a message in the broadcast group for its members to receive and read.
  3. Create a blog group or join related groups: If you are in touch with people who are in league with the theme of your website, you can create a group of such people. The maximum limit for the group is 256 people which should be enough limit for you to reach a number of people. Also you can join and merge 2 like groups which are based on similar themes. But for that you got to make sure that the admin and the rest of the members is ok with the merger. This method can be indirectly beneficial when someone is using a whatsapp spy app on the device of one of the members of your group. Indirectly the person is notified about your website and who knows, he may be your prospective client.
  4. Whatsapp share button: This feature is just like the Facebook share button which we are used to using so often but this is used in your website like we have the share buttons for Facebook, Twitter and Gmail. This initiates the chain which can make your website popular within no time.

For your information, Whatsapp might not leverage the same traffic to your website like other social networking sites, but it is surely worth giving a try. Nevertheless, at least after changing the status to the link to you website, it won’t display the message ‘Hey there! I am using WhatsApp!!’