How To Properly Design Photography Websites?

The Internet is an excellent platform for photographers to showcase their works. There are many platforms that can help us to create photography website. As an example, although WordPress is a typical personal blogging CMS, it also has themes, plugins and widgets that are created specifically for photographers who want to have a simple, professional-looking photography website. Thankfully, it is very easy to build a website these days, thanks to the latest options available in the market. Even so, photographers need to consider common factors related to building a website, such as making the website to load more quickly. It is important to know that photography websites tend to have plenty of high resolution images and they can be quite long to load for mobile users with slow connections.

If the website itself takes so long to load, it will have bad effects on the overall user experience. Due to their lack of knowledge, it is possible that photographers end up using technology that works more slowly. They may also don’t have the right tools to develop the proper web-based solutions. When creating the page, we could try to load the website without images. In this case, we should make sure that the page can be loaded easily. If our website fails to load quickly even without images, then it will perform much worse when loaded with high resolution images. It is important to correlate our photography niche with the overall design of our website.

Our creative brain should be able to deliver the right kind of message to the public. We should be able to communicate with other people who have the same interest. It is important that the visitor of our website could instantly guess our intention. They should be able to quickly know what we will show in our photography website. Again, it is important to make sure that our website is easy to navigate and viewable. Navigation elements and links should not interfere with the whole experience of using the website. Visitors should be able to immediately know where they should do and what they need to click.

Many photography websites are known for their simple designs and we won’t see any kind of unnecessary graphics or gimmicks. Our website should be able to show our best works. We can do this by using a design that alternately show our best photographs. People would be able to easily see samples of our works. Because loading images takes longer than a block of text, we should know how to properly optimize our overall webpages. It is important to make sure that the overall design is really easy to handle. Often, we need to remove all the flashy bells and whistles, because eventually they won’t be able to impress people. If we want to display our best works, it is important that everything can respond quickly. It is also a good thing if photos can be categorized properly. The use of tags could also help users to easily find images with specific themes.

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