How To Choose The Best Provider For Transcription Services For Your Business

Transcription service providers number in the hundreds in the UK alone. But when it comes to selecting the best provider, what are the aspects you need to consider? Well, there may be several different factors that can influence your decision when it comes to the transcription service provider, such as their expertise, the kind of transcribing they can offer, and their familiarity with technical terminology (especially if you are in an industry which basically speaks in technical terms all the time). But to tell you the truth, there are only three things you need to think about when selecting the best provider: quality, clear and straightforward pricing, and a reasonable turnaround or delivery time.

The importance of Quality

In regards to quality, what you have to remember is this: the transcription service you choose should be able to come up with high quality files that exceed your expectations. And how do you ascertain this? First of all, look at their years of experience. If they have been around for a long time, this means that they have a better understanding of transcription than most. You have to feel confident about their service, and one way of ascertaining their expertise is by asking them about their rating for accuracy and if they have a quality assurance process which offers random checking for their work.

You should also look at the transcriptionists who work with the company. Are they properly certified and do they have the right knowledge, especially with technical terminology related to your industry? Are the transcriptionists familiar with all the nuances of the language, and can they understand different accents? It would be a good idea to opt for a transcription service which employs UK transcription specialists so they are more adept in English.

The importance of Clear Pricing

One other factor you need to look at is the pricing. Is the transcription service offering you clear pricing, without any hidden or unknown charges? Ask the provider whether the price they are quoting includes everything. Also, are they making it easy for you to pay? If they can offer several payment options, this would be a bonus as well.

The importance of a Quick Delivery Time

Not all transcription services can handle a high volume of work. You should therefore make it a point to find out how fast they can deliver the results you require. The average time for turnaround when it comes to transcription is about three to five days, but this can lengthen depending on the complexity and clarity of your recordings. If your audio recording is unclear – with background noise, multiple speakers, and so on – it can take a longer time to transcribe. The same is true if your recording consists of a wide variety of technical terms. When asking about the delivery time, be realistic as well.