Entertainments and Leisure In Athens: TOP 10 Interesting Places

Athens is a city of entertaining industry. The city is ready to make your family vacation funny and pleasant. You can go to one or another entertaining park to enjoy the variety of attractions and different events. The nature lovers must see Athens Zoo, where they can see the variety of birds and animals. The Filopapou Hill is a perfect place to relax and enjoy the mountain view far from the city noise.

Adventure Park

What a fresh idea! The park is situated in the forest not far from Athens. You have an opportunity to fly from the tree to tree, enjoying the beauty of nature. The park welcomes visitors of different age. You may choose different complicated levels according to your age and physical condition. The park works every day during school holidays and from Wednesdays till Sundays the rest of the year.

Boy In a Bubble

Allou Fun Park

This is the newest and the best entertaining park in Athens, full of different dangerous attractions. Adventurous attractions, competitions give only positive emotions. It must be safe! For example, the shocking tower makes visitors jump from the high of 450 meters. The Panoramic Circle opens the amazing city view. Younger kids can are also busy and important. There are also many parks and confectionaries in the park territory. It works from Monday to Friday in the evening and on Saturday and Sunday from the very morning.

Athens Kart

If you like speed and cars, Athens kart is what you need. You have a nice chance to feel the adrenaline buzz. This is your chance to combat stress. The kart works every day from 10 a.m. till 10 p.m.

Attica Zoological Park

The most impressive place is Attica Zoological Park. This is a place, where big variety of animals lives together. It is better to hire a car in Athens to get there. It takes about an hour to comer to the kingdom of wild animals over a large area. You can find a big collection of birds, 300 kinds of farm animals, monkeys, reptiles and other representatives of Greek fauna. What is more, the big collection of rare animals and African mammals is waiting for you.

Zoo boasts with interesting interactive programs for children with the aim to teach children to take care of animals, nature and our planet. There is also a picnic zone, cafe, playground and souvenir shop. The park works every day from 9 a.m. till 7 p.m.

Wild Adventures Park

Copa Copana Park

Copa Copana is the funniest place in Athens, where you can visit different events, concerts, parties during the year. The visitors enjoy the swimming pool, water attractions and lot of winter entertainments in winter. The park works every day from 10 a.m. till 7 p.m.

Eugenides Foundation Planetarium

Do you like watching stars? You should visit one of the best planetariums in the world with 3D effect. This is a place, where kids and adults are always under impressions. The planetarium is considered to be the biggest, well-equipped with modern technologies territory. The building is renewed and restored to be the most comfortable place to learn stars. The planetarium building gathers together more than 280 people in its specially-equipped screening room.

This is a place of 1800 square meters of exhibition area and modern conference-center. Scientific library is also worth visiting, offering a big amount of multimedia materials. The working hours are Wednesday – Sunday.


National Park

National Park is a nice quiet place in the center of Athens. You can enjoy the walk and spend your time outdoors. The gardens of this park are green and rich in flowers, interesting plants, ancient ruins, duck pond and little Zoo. You can walk and spend time in nature. What a quiet place in the center of the city! This is the perfect atmosphere for family picnic, taking pictures, watching turtles and ducks. You can come here every day from 7 a.m. till 8 p.m.

Village Entertainment Park

The entertainment park Village is multipurpose trade-entertainment complex in Athens. You can easily make shopping and have fun. The Village territory includes about 21 cinemas, many cafes, restaurants and shops of the world-famous brands. The park works every day. Come and see!

Yabanaki Beach Park

Do you like beach leisure? Do you like modern beach with all modern conveniences? If you are fond of beach leisure, there is nothing better than Yabanaki. This is well-organized and modernly-equipped place that is situated few kilometers far from Athens. The beach is equipped with all you need: sunbeds, sunshades, changing rooms and others. You can go into sport here: water skiing, windsurfing and others. There are cafes, bars and restaurants in the park territory. In short, this is a well-organized beach, where you can feel the taste of Greek summer.

The park works in June, July, August, every day, from 8 p.m. till 8 p.m.

Athens Luna Park

This is one more place that is worth visiting in Athens. It is comfortably situated in AIGALEIO metro station. The territory is divided into many sectors. One of them is for little kids and their parents; the second is for aged children and adults. The sectors are full of interesting attractions. You will like it for sure.


Athens is a city, where you can not only learn city interesting places and visit museums. The city center is full of cinemas, theatres. The most of them are in the open air. The City Concert Hall welcomes you to get fresh impressions from living music. You can also visit Athens Theatre Festival that is held every summer. All performances are represented in the Antique Circle on the foot of Acropolis.

Athens is full of entertainments. Everyone can find something special. The beaches are equipped special for kids and adults. There are many swimming-pools for little kids. Do not forget about the city Zoo, attraction parks, play grounds, interactive performances to make your vacation the most interesting event of the year. There is nothing better than family vacation! Do not leave your kids at home – Athens is a right place to spend great time all together.