Did You Know Inventors Have Certain Traits

Did You Know Inventors Have Certain Traits

Not everyone can be an inventor. The invention requires ingenious mind and only a handful of individuals master this art. Call them, god gifted or more active in employing mental faculties but they will be few in number.

Let’s see some traits that will help you identify potential inventors.

Like I said in my opening paragraph, they make great use of their mental faculties. They tend to reach awesome decisions at the right time. Also, they tend to act instead of going over their idea again and again. What we understand from this point is that they are not procrastinators.

Another aspect of the having the right mindset is that they are always on the lookout for opportunities and soon as they manifest themselves, these individuals pounce! While on the other hand people like us would just let opportunities pass us by thinking “Nah not meant for me, I’m meant for something big (yeah you keep telling yourself that)!

Their movement is swift. Not like assassin swift but quick. Intelligence is their biggest friend in all this. Intelligence tells them whatever opportunities they thought were going to work, it is time to reassess and filter what can and what will work. And rest is only junk, that I picked up on in the sea of probable opportunities.

Problem-solving is another trait. To curtail or mitigate damage is not everyone’s cup of tea either. We only realize when the damage is done but they see it coming from miles and prepare themselves in advance for possible damage or to lessen it.

Some problems/risks are inherent; you can’t do shite about them well others are in your control. So they try to work on them and their solutions many a time become breakthroughs.

A case in point here is, Benjamin Franklin, who is a classic example. His intelligence, strength, and perseverance helped shape the world. His beginnings were very humble but mastered fame and glory. What did he do? He believed in the notion ‘time is money’ and it paid off. And I mean in a big way!

In case you’re wondering what inventions are to his name, you read about them here, but still, some notable ones for our readers were; Franklin stove, lighting rod, bifocals, and glass harmonica.

Ingenuity, curiosity, and creativity are few of the other aspect that a normally a person inventive germs would exhibit. Now if we talk about curiosity, it is the tendency to constantly question things as to why it is the way it is, you see? To some, they might appear mad seeking answers in the darkest corners or asking questions that seem highly unlikely to be answered.

But all this faithlessness of other does not deter them from their path. They are filled with the faith of their own. This trait wouldn’t let them rest unless they have found the answer to what they seek. They will instead employ different methods and approach the matter from different angles until they have decoded it in the end.

The decoders are thus hailed as inventors and those who gave up, well; history isn’t very kind to them or doesn’t bother mentioning them. Now onto the bits of ingenuity and creativity as in how do they influence inventors’ personality? These two aforesaid traits tend to develop and enhance knowledge base about a particular field from where an idea materializes in the long run.

Keeping an open mind is essential (here I reiterate) because anything could be an opportunity that could take the form of an idea leading to an invention. They don’t necessarily analyze need or base their analysis on needs of the public but rather observe (necessity is still the mother of invention). Because if something is posing as a problem from another perspective it just might be the ‘cure’ humanity deserves.

You see now how one becomes and inventor and if you know someone in your circle with certain traits as mentioned above, tell them good news “Congrats bro, I sense you’re gonna be the next inventor”

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