Common Ways To Improve SEO Performance

There are many tools that can help us improve our SEO performance. One of them is Google Keyword Tool. It should allow us to find popular keywords based on the amount of searches. We could also determine the level of competition among websites for specific keywords. An obvious way is to find keywords with the highest searchhes and the least amount of competition. This should allow us to get the best possible results with our SEO tasks and we are able to achieve much more.

There is also a tool that allows us to enter the URL of our website and Google will recommend what keywords that we should use. This should also be quite useful to ensure that our SEO campaigns stays relevant. We may prioritize on recommended keywords with the least amount of competition.

The tool should allow us to write more relevant content and this will make our website more interesting for users. Other things that we can do to boost SEO performance is to use keywords in all HTML tags. The obvious place to put keywords is the meta tags, but we shouldn’t put too much of them to prevent possible penalization. Title tags should also help us to improve our SEO performance. The title of the webpage can be more important than keywords in meta tags.

When we search in Google, it is quite rare that we will be directed to main page when searching for longer phrase. It means that people could be directed to individual webpages, instead to our main pages. Whatever we do, it is important that we avoid keyword stuffing practice that can cause penalization.

Another common way to improve our SEO performance is by getting enough backlink. External links from relevant websites can be seen as the lifeblood of SEO activities. The more relevant backlinks we have, the more prominent our website would be. Google considers the importance of our website, not only based on its content, but also the amount of naturally-made backlinks that we get.

Other than getting backlinks from relevant websites, the originating websites should also have high PageRank and good positions in search engine results. We could also check the Alexa ranking of the originating website. It indicates the amount of traffic and high-traffic websites often provide good quality backlinks. Not only we will get enough SEO juice, we could also get some extra direct visitors.

When attempting to obtain backlinks, we should make sure to avoid reciprocal linking. Google will easily detect such practice and it’s considered as an unnatural way of gaining backlinks. Link trading should be used as a way to get direct traffic and we shouldn’t expect to obtain much SEO benefits. 3-way or 4-way linking could be more useful, but it’s still possible for Google to detect such practice, if we do this too often with two other websites. Whatever we do, we should look for ways to gain traffic genuinely. Getting traffic through search engine takes patience and a lot of work. It takes a while before our website is noticed by people.