Characteristics Of The Best Muay Thai Gym For Holiday

Characteristics Of The Best Muay Thai Gym For Holiday

Thailand is known for its Muay Thai training camps! In fact you will not find a good Muay Thai camp anywhere outside Thailand, no matter how much the trainers insist upon being authentic and help you train in the real techniques of Muay Thai.

Characteristics Of The Best Muay Thai Gym For Holiday

I understand that different individuals will have different needs where Muay Thai training is concerned but here are a few traits that you will only find in the best Muay Thai training camps based in Thailand:

They Are Clean

As petty as it might sound, cleanliness happens to play a very significant part in all Muay Thai camps. This is because if the camp/gym is not clean and hygienic, you have a lot of chances of falling sick and if you’re ill, you simply cannot train for Muay Thai. Therefore the best camps in Thailand focus on their hygiene and cleanliness as a first priority. So if you are willing to enroll in a Muay Thai camp, make sure it isn’t a rat infested setup and has clean floors with training mats. Also never ever use the training equipment available at the gym. Make sure to get your own.

They Are Safe

You don’t want to be injured while training for a sport as strenuous and demanding as Muay Thai. What’s the point of using equipment that isn’t safe and can injure you while you train to become a tough fighter? Therefore it is essential that you only enroll yourself in a Muay Thai training camp that is safe and has maximum protection against falls and injuries during training.

Have Adequate Training Bag Space And Access

You really don’t want to train in a gym that offers you a crammed up space. Also if there isn’t enough room for individual bag access then people will definitely fall onto each other while training and thus increase the chances of getting injured. Look for a training camp or gym that has adequate space and equipment even during the busiest hours so you can train comfortably with your trainer.

High End Trainers

What good is a training camp without top class trainers? Just make sure the Muay Thai training camp you get yourself in have good trainers who know their moves and techniques well. You can check at muaythai-camp-thailand webpage . Only if you train with the best trainers, you will be able to learn the finest techniques and mindset required to become a kickass Muay Thai fighter. So make sure you gym offers you the very best! You could always take a demo to be certain of your decision of signing up with a particular gym.

A Good Thai: Foreigners Ratio

A good gym will offer you an adequate Thai: Foreigners ratio. This is because you need to expand your training style and having foreigners in your gym will allow you to learn Muay Thai tactics that aren’t limited to the Thai people only.

Of course you should check for all of the above mentioned characteristics in a specific Muay Thai training camp before you enroll as your gym is what will determine your successful training and career in Muay Thai fighting.