Add A Touch Of Exoticness To Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is always a perfect time for gifting flowers. In love or not, flowers have their own special way of conveying feelings – whether it is love, friendship, gratitude, thanks, or even as a special just-like-that gift for a family member or colleague. These enchanting and beautiful gifts can melt even a tough person and put a smile on their face.

Moreover, if a flower bouquet gift contains exotic flowers, it adds to the charm and meaningfulness of the gift. Therefore considering valentines flowers delivery in India for gifting a special person just may be the best thing to do this Valentine’s Day.

Add A Touch Of Exoticness To Valentine’s Day

Exotic Flowers

Like all other flowers commonly found in florist shops, exotic flowers too have their own meanings and symbolism. Their uniqueness and rarity only adds to their beauty. Here are some exotic flowers that make great Valentine’s Day gifts.


The Crocus or the saffron flower is an exotic flower found mostly in Europe and Asia. Popularly known for their saffron spice they are used in exotic foods, flower arrangements and royal ceremonies. These perennial flowers bloom in lovely colours of white, lilac, and yellow during the flowering seasons of autumn and spring. They are also a symbol of love on Valentine’s Day.


Anthuriums are an exotic tropical American flower. They are found in shades ranging from red to pink to white. The beauty of these flowers comes from the fact that their single petal is heart shaped. A perfect choice for the day of love!

Calla Lily

The Calla Lilly is a pretty, delicate looking flower that is a native of South Africa.  Shaped like a trumpet, they are found in a variety of colours. The Calla Lilly blooms in late spring and make wonderful feminine gifts in bouquets for the lady love.


Chrysanthemums are abundant looking flowers that can enhance the beauty of any bouquet gift and are great flower for valentines day.  These flowers are mostly found in Eastern Asia and are perennial flowers and symbolize love, lasting friendships, cheerfulness, loyalty and devotion. Planning to convey feelings on Valentine’s Day? Chrysanthemums it is!


Orchids are possibly some of the most beautiful flowers that bloom everywhere on earth. Depending on where they come from, they are found in colours of white, purple, red, orange and yellow. The tiger orchid is a special variety that has purple stripes on an orange base. Orchids are definitely impressive flowers to gift.

Birds of Paradise

Resembling a bright coloured bird in flight, birds of paradise flowers come mostly in colours of orange with streaks of purple. Native to South Africa they bloom between the months of September to May and these flowers can add a touch of drama to any bouquet.


Tulips can transport a person into the beautiful tulip fields of Holland. Featuring as backdrop of many a romantic movie, these flowers are breathtakingly beautiful appearing in a more than a hundred varieties, shades and hues.

This Valentine’s Day, try something unique. Opt for special valentine’s day flower from anywhere in the world through online gifting.