A Leader In Hotels & Brand Management

A Leader In Hotels & Brand Management

The hotel industry is a challenging arena. People here face intense competition. If you are in the industry or wish to be a part of it in the future, you must be physically fit and mentally alert. There is a lot of hard work when you are associated with the hotel and hospitality industry. One of the most important people in the hotel and hospitality industry is business leaders and managers. They are like the captain of a ship showing the way and making the ride smooth without hassles. In the hotel and hospitality management industry today, there is one man that is a shining example and leader when it comes to leadership and organization. He is dedicated to his job and loves every minute of being in the hotel industry for more than 30 years!

Patrick Imbardelli is the name of this talented individual.  He is a reputed name in the hotel and hospitality management industry across the USA and globe today. He was the President and the Chief Executive Officer with the Pan Pacific Hotel Group. This Group has an international presence in 12 global locations. It is one of the best in the luxury chain of hotel names. Under his management, the service quality of the hotel is one of the best in the world. Here, staff treat their guests like family and they are greatly inspired by his exemplary leadership and mentorship skills. He is also a man of deep repute and integrity. This is why he is well- respected and considered to be an indispensable asset to the hotel and hospitality industry today.

Business Strategy and Brand Management

He is a man with gifted strategy and brand management skills say his peers. He is instrumental in fostering healthy and positive relationships between guests, staff and employees of the hotels he manages and looks after. He is known for his defined vision and his progressive business management strategies. He is also a very good business analyst and ensures that every detail is looked into with perfection when he is dealing with a project.

During his 30 years stint in the hotel and hospitality industry, he has focused on business growth and development. He has played an instrumental role when it comes to the development and growth of the Pan Pacific Group of Hotels. Under his tenure, the Pan Pacific Group has won a large number of international recognition and awards. Some of them also include the Top in Q2 2009 Customer Satisfaction, Top in Q3 2009 Hospitality Index from the Market Matrix Hospitality Index and The Overall Winner & Winner in Luxury Hotels Segment in 2008. He has not only won awards in the USA but also on the international arena as well.

Patrick Imbardelli has an eye for detail and is a team player. He says that his success does not belong to him alone. He includes everyone who has been with him on this journey. At the same time, he is well loved and respected when it comes to business expansion tips and development guidance. He is a friendly person and when he is not working he is deeply into charity helping poor under privileged kids.