3 Ways To Safely Store Your Watches

High-quality watches are not only great gifts but are also considered to be valuable collectors’ items.  Whether you’re investing in timepieces from the watch industry’s most historic brands such as Patek Philippe, Rolex, or from trusted mid-range makers of affordable men’s watches, you should consider the ways in which you store your collection. Keeping them safe is extremely critical to their functionality and long-lasting appearance.

Storing your watches, either for a short time or much longer requires a bit of consideration. Some collectors only wear certain pieces to coordinate with seasonal apparel. Others like to maintain the pristine look of these pieces throughout the year. The process of properly storing these well-designed watches also includes showcasing them securely, utilizing the right methods. With these standards in mind, let’s take a look at ways to safely store your collection.

1 – Allow For Some Breathing Room

Acquire a high-quality case or storage unit that gives each timepiece an individual compartment. These cases should feature plush settings where you can display each watch easily. Having all of your watches in a single case also allows for easier protection if you invest in a safe that offers you the ability to inhibit access with high-tech security mechanisms such as biometric fingerprint scanning or even simple locks and keys. While having cases like this gives you peace of mind that comes with security, these cases often make great decorative pieces for your bedroom or wardrobe, with each of your timepieces individually displayed prominently.

2 – Magnetic Protection

Strong magnetic fields can negatively impact watch movements and can alter a timepiece’s ability to function precisely as a manufacturer intended. As such, you should also consider a case or storage unit that offers protection against magnets.

If you don’t have a case that offers this layer of protection, then consider acquiring a degaussing coil that can easily de-magnetize watches with quartz movements if your manual timepiece comes into close contact with a strong magnet such as those found in high-tech equipment and MRI machines.

3 – Invest in a Watch-Winding Case or Box

One of the best ways to store a fine watch is in its original box. These are normally designed for secure placement and safe transport. It is also possible to purchase boxes or cases that accommodate individual pieces or multiple selections. Some of these have velvet or cloth interiors to ensure safe storage that’s on-par with the watch industry’s leading storage units.

Protect Your Collection

However you choose to store your watch collection, you should always strike a balance between aesthetics, security, and best practices for maintenance. Whether they’re high-end designer timepieces or hard-working day-to-day watches, it pays to store them in well-made safes, cases, or original packaging that offers secure storage and the ability to protect each piece, ensuring you’ll get the most out of your timepieces for years to come.