What Freelance Writers Want To Know About Contentmart

What Freelance Writers Want To Know About Contentmart

There are many content marketing outlets and blogs around today. Quite a number of them are web-based giving creative writers the opportunity to register and monitor their writing careers and progress seamlessly.

But a lot of writers still face a lot of challenges today trying to close consistent writing deals. It is why most aren’t confident enough to go full time. They feared that writing jobs might not come as often as desired and pay the bills have made many writers to live below their best.

While I agree that testing the waters with both legs while you are in doubt of the depth is a lethal risk, I also believe that risk taking is part and parcel of life. If must achieve great things, you will have to take risks. But the risks must be well calculated and backed with sound decision.

So, if you consider giving your career a boost a risk worth taking, I recommend you start off with Contentmart. Though Contentmart is a lot more popular among Indian writers, it is fast becoming a global one stop shop for creating and purchasing quality and engaging business contents.

What Freelance Writers Want To Know About Contentmart

At Contentmart, you can practise as a freelance writer specialising in:

  1. Article/Writer writings
  2. Copy writings
  3. Technical Writings
  4. PR writings (Newsletters, Press Releases, Opinions and so on)
  5. General content writings and so on
  7. First you register on the page.

Next you will be asked to fill a profile page where intending clients and businesses in need of web contents can easily peruse your profile and portfolio.

Then, you will write a couple of tests to verify your level of proficiency in English language and a couple of other languages. The higher your grade, the bigger the trust content users will repose in you.

After that you have the right to bid for works published on the platforms. It is necessary to note that the clearer and smarter your bids, and your portfolios, the higher the likelihood of getting hired. So, you need to work on your bids and be ready to prove yourself when contacted.

Lastly, your ratings by clients and verifications by Contentmart will continue to ensure that experience and expertise are clearly highlighted on your profile and increase the trust and confidence of clients in you.


One of the most frustrating parts of freelancing, especially for new writers, is the lack of confidence and trust from business owners and web content users. As was noted earlier, Contentmart has ways to bridge these gaps and showcase the strength of new writers to the clients.

Secondly, while most other popular content marketing platforms have charges and fees for verifying Freelance writers, Contentmart crossed out the bills to encourage writers and ensure fees do not deny them access objective ratings. You should also know that there are no special fees charged to promote your bids, every writer is given a level playing ground.

Also, you can be rest assured that Contentmart will give you supports and tips to ensure you succeed in your writing quest. It is not easy to create great copies and, Contentmart understands this. So, there are loads of supports to ensure you concentrate on producing great contents and succeed as a freelance writer in India or any other part of the world.

So, whoever you are, you can take your writing career a step further up by allowing Contentmart to give you the needed push.