What Are The Qualities Needed To Become An Art Director?

What Are The Qualities Needed To Become An Art Director

Art direction is one of the most finest and prominent tasks which needs to be performed while doing any kind of creative work. The process of Art direction can be implemented in various vehicles of communication like advertising or films.

Joseph Cianciotto a renowned creative director who also has a vast range of experience in art direction will give you some basic to become an efficient art director.

Art direction is all about directing an art work with intense amount of dedication and of course by applying certain creative technicalities.

Some of the best tips to become an art director are

  • A great portfolio needs to be build– This is the most fundamental element for every art directors. A portfolio is like a showcasing platform. Every kind of work needs to be given in the portfolio so that it can be presented in various platforms. A well crafted portfolio also helps in creating a good impression in front of the client. An art director can basically show his or her skills and ability to the world by constructing a good portfolio with good amount of the best works.
  • Come up with uncommon ideas– Uncommon ideas are the best to be implemented in art direction. An art director should always come up with ideas which are new, innovative, and uncommon and yes of course quite sellable.  So, in order to be a good art director uncommon idea should come up at every instant. Ideation is the actual base ground for any kind of creative work. Uncommon and innovative strategies and methods needs to be implanted at the time of ideation.
  • One needs to be very much social in nature– Every creative person needs to be very much social in nature. Being social can make a person more creative in framing better ideas.  Art direction is all about transforming some good ideas into a productive work. So a person who gets very social and mixes with every kind of people is more open to every kind of innovative and creative ideas. Another important aspect which also needs to consider is appreciating the work of other people.  This also enhances an individual to be a well crafted art director.
  • Get a good knowledge about the job– This is very important while doing a creative work like art direction. It is really a need to gain a good amount of knowledge before doing the work. Knowledge has got no alternative.  To be a good art director one needs to have some great expertise knowledge in doing the work in a proper and productive manner.
  • Branding of oneself– This is another important aspect which needs to be measured while working as an art director. An art director should always promote himself and his work. Branding always helps in getting better prospect in this field.  Every art director should keep one thing in mind that along with doing good work it is also import to flourish his name in the market.

The above points are some of the best ideas which need to implement in becoming an Art director.Joseph Cianciotto the famous creative director believes thatany kind of art work needs a huge amount of dedication and unique ideas to get completed. Every art director should be dedicated and loyal towards his art. This is the only success mantra.