Top-Most Key Factors To Keep In Mind While Choosing Gym Floor

Indeed, gym workouts are loveable but their fees can be a breakdown for common men. To eliminate this problem, you can build a home gym which is a great way to see off those expensive gym fees and disappointment by waiting for your turns to operate the machines, while your priority is to focus on your health and wellbeing. If you aren’t able to build gym at home then you should workout from any nearby gym centre.

Whether you are novice person or an owner of the gym, you’ll surely look for Gym Floor Refinishing. Well, it is necessary to understand the required aesthetics to avoid any unsystematic activities. Mostly, gym flooring is made of rubber so that the athletes have a grip on it. You should remember that the quality of flooring depends on the type and quality of rubber used in it. Besides this, there are some other factors that should be considered for gym flooring. Want to know? Check this article out.

Shock absorbency: When an athlete performs any activity on the floor, the impacting force is translated into two resultant forces. One force that the floor absorbs and another one that returns back. Thus, if your gym has a flooring of asphalt and concrete then there will not be any force reduction for the athlete during jumping or running of an athlete.

Impact attenuation: Impact attenuation refers to the part of the body like elbow, shoulder, knees, back and hands that come in contact with the surface. Mostly, these surfaces are grouped into two categories depending on the shock absorption degree.

  • Area elasticity :It tends to how well the energy is absorbed and deformed over the impaction area.
  • Point elasticity :some parts of the body are more relevant to floor safety such as the knee, soft under head and elbow. The athletic surface should be hard to dribble a ball and soft enough to protect from injuries.

Surface friction: This factor is also called as the sliding coefficient or the coefficient of friction which is used to measure and control the sliding of the athletes on the floor. The surface friction must be high enough to prevent uncontrollable and premature sliding as well as low enough to allow sliding off on an extreme force. If there is no perfect friction coefficient on the floor then it would affect the athlete’s joints after creating strain during rotating and pivoting motions. However, surface friction depends on the finish of the surface.

Consider below criteria while demanding rubber floor :  

  • Thickness : Thickness of the rubber flooring is the major factor to withstand the weight. If there are any heavy weight machines in the gym then go for thick rubber rolls.
  • Color : It is also necessary to finalize the color of the gym floor as the overall design and decoration are highly depending on the right color selection.
  • Stability : Check whether the gym equipment will remain stable on the floor or not. It is advisable to mark its footprint and secure the gym location.

Don’t say goodbye to style: You should make sure that you are not forgetting the style and uniqueness of the gym centre. Make your interior attractive and pleasing enough that gym freaks love to work out their daily exercises with plenty of amenities. Thus, don’t forget to make the gym centre or room stylish while focusing on other aspects.


This article is written just to spread awareness among novice fitness seekers. After reading, you can select the most suitable gym for your wellbeing. Hope, this will be helpful to you for choosing the best gym centre. All The Best! Work Hard in Positive direction…