The Future Of Clothes Shopping

The Future Of Clothes Shopping

Clothes shopping have always been a task filled with significant challenges, especially when it comes to trying on an outfit, that you have an eye for, before buying it. Finding the right size for you, which fits you perfectly, can take the fun out of the joyous task of shopping.

With the difference in sizes from different labels, that seem to fit you perfectly, comes the weary option of trying on every size of a dress before you actually buy it. Until now, the only way to ensure a perfect fit was to wait in a queue to get a trial room, then strip naked in crampedspace in order to try on the dress you like, which can be nightmarish.

With the advancement of online clothes shopping and the launch of various shopping apps, all but the sizing woes of shoppers have been eradicated. Shoppers can always order multiple sizes, try them on at their homes and, send back the rest having found the size that fits them perfectly. But the days of having to try on something before you buy it could soon be over.

The Future Of Clothes Shopping

3D Body Scanners

With the invention of 3D body scanners, which can create virtual images of the shoppers by measuring their vital statistics, finding the perfect size for your body has been made easier many folds. Shoppers can use this on-screen image to try on everything in the store, without actually having to undress.

These 3D scanners, equipped with low-power, infrared lasers, will read more than 300,000 points all over the body to conjure up the perfect virtual image. This ’virtual body image’ will be based on the measurements of more than 100 vital statistics of a shopper’s body, including bust, waist, hip, ankles, thigh girth and inside leg. The shopper will be able to save his/her image on the internet, which can aptly be used to try on clothes virtually.

Virtual Body Catalog

Various catalog companies have come up with a plan to build a database of their customers’ ‘virtual’ bodies in order to help them locate the perfect size by comparing their dimensions to the attire they have chosen. This is a revolutionary breakthrough in the future of online clothes shopping.

Smart Cards

Another advancement made in the field of clothes shopping is the invention of ‘smart cards’ which will help shoppers to save their ‘virtual’ body image on a card. They can then use this card to virtually try on clothes, by placing them in a kiosk, in real time stores, giving them the facility to get a feel and touch of the garment they are about to buy. Although the invention is so far just a prototype, it is hoped for being placed in stores quite soon.

These revolutionary inventions are set to make the future of clothes shopping a lot more comfortable than the usual weary and weighed down process of shopping. So we can safely say that the future of clothes shopping lies with technology only.