Spectacular Gifts For New Moms, For Less Than $100

Becoming a new mom is one of the most magical and exciting feelings you could ever wish to experience, yet it is also pretty testing. New moms rarely have time to eat, never mind to shop and look after themselves, which is why friends and family often rally together and lavish them with gifts to help make life that little bit easier.

If you’ve got a friend or family member in your life that has recently become a new mom, you too may be contemplating giving her a gift to make life easier for her and those around her. If you’re lacking inspiration, and are not looking to spend a fortune, here are some spectacular gift ideas for new moms, that cost less than $100.

A Nice Bottle of Wine

Pregnancy is incredibly tough, so choosing a great gift for new moms is an art form in itself. Plus, more often than not, one of the first things that new moms will admit to missing the most when they were pregnant, was a nice glass of wine or two in the evening. Obviously you can’t drink alcohol whilst pregnant, so to help make up for those nine wine-free months, why not treat her to a nice bottle of wine. Rather than cheap wine from the local grocery store, why not push the boat out and opt for a slightly more expensive and tastier variety that she is sure to like. Whether it’s red, white, Prosecco, or even champagne, for evenings when the baby is down and sleeping peacefully, that first glass of wine will feel like pure heaven.

Gift Vouchers for Her Favorite Restaurant

If you know her favorite restaurant, lavishing the new mother with a gift voucher for two for a meal at her favorite restaurant will go down an absolute treat. Obviously it will mean finding a babysitter for one evening, but that shouldn’t be a problem, and actually having an excuse to get dressed up and have a meal out with somebody that she cares about will do her the world of good.

Spectacular Gifts For New Moms, For Less Than $100

Diapers and Bags

Although diapers will hardly be the most glamorous gift in the world, any new mom would gratefully accept them as they will make her life so much easier. New parents will get through more diapers than you could ever imagine, so by helping her to stock up on them in advance, you are not only saving her money, you are saving her a few trips out to the store when diapers are running low. For a little extra touch, include a gorgeous diaper bag to store them in.

Bedroom Essentials

If there is one thing that virtually all new moms absolutely adore, it’s having the chance to take a nice, relaxing, deep sleep. For this reason, treating her to a few bedroom essentials such as candles, linen sheets, beddings, magazines journal, etc, will make her feel absolutely wonderful and will help make life that little bit calmer and relaxed.