Never Miss: TOP Things To Do In Baltimore

There are many hotels, shops, restaurants, clubs and cultural city sights in the center of Baltimore. The Northern part of the city contains residential zones, where only rich citizens live. The Southern part of Baltimore contains residential and industrial zones, where the citizens of different welfare live. The western and eastern city districts are characterized as dangerous. You should not go there. Let us try to find interesting places in the city center and close around.

Seven Foot Knoll Lighthouse

National Aquarium

Dolphins, sharks, giant octopus from the Pacific Ocean, Australian turtles, crocodiles and other mammals are waiting for you. The sea of pleasure and crowds of people are everywhere around you. The ticket for adults costs 22 USD, for kids – 13 USD. The tickets for dolphins attractions cost 28 and 18 USD, according to your age.

Geppi’s Entertainment Museum

All comic magazines are gathered together in this place. The history of American comics is going to be interesting not only for children. There are many other exhibitions devoted to pop culture: animation, posters. You can meet high-tech comic variant – it is mostly interesting for kids. The usual price for ticket is 10 and 7 UDS (adult and junior categories). There is a combine ticket – it is cheaper.

Steppingstone Museum

Do you think it is interesting?

First of all, you can find everything connected with village life (farm, stable, and big smithy). Secondly, this is the most popular place to organize different events: military camp in May, Scottish festival, in June, and autumn festival in September. Thirdly, this is the territory for interesting exhibitions. The usual ticket price is 3 USD.

Sports Legends Museum

This city sight is only for sport lovers. The history of Baltimore sport can be seen here: Orioles, Raven and other popular teams and stadiums. There is an exhibition, and interesting show. Your son or daughter can be dressed in sport uniform. This is a big pleasure for everyone. By the way, there is a baseball stadium near here. !0 USD is a price for adult ticket and 6-7 USD – for kids.

1996-08-25-003 Baltimore

Creative Alliance

This is a place for everything interesting. You can see performances, unusual exhibitions, films and everything that is connected with the modern city art. It looks great. Visiting gallery is free. The tickets for films and performances cost 5-20 USD.

Eubie Blake Jazz Institute and Cultural Center

This excursion is for jazz lovers. The popular jazz pianist – the greatest performer of ragtime, has his own museum in the city. First of all, this is a place for taking concerts and rehearsals. The exhibition is devoted to music. There are many programs for children. The ticket price is 3 USD for adults and 2 USD for kids.

The Baltimore Basilica

This is the most beautiful places in the USA. The most of churches in the country are not old – 100-300 years. Nevertheless, they are of interest. The Basilica is considered to be the most important Catholic Church. Of course, the entrance is free. You can also book a tour with guide and touristic group.

Baltimore Museum of Industry

Dressmaking, printing industry, packing made Baltimore the prof of industrial development. The territory is equipped for children. They can choose and touch instruments. They can even use them. The entrance ticket for adults is 10 USD, for kids is 6 USD. The museum is situated not far from the famous Baltimore place Fort McHenry. So, this is a nice possibility to visit both of these places. Do you like having picnic?

Rube Goldberg Machine

Babe Ruth Birthplace and Museum

This is the right place for sport lovers. It is a holy place! As you know, baseball means much for America. This is religious sport here. The famous baseball player was born in that house many years ago. Babe Ruth was the King of baseball. You can see the sportsman’s awards, stuff, and memorabilia. Americans really like baseball. The price is 6 USD for adults and 3 USD for kids.

American Visionary Art Museum

This is pretty original and interesting museum. All people like visiting this place. You can do everything you like to call it art. If you like drawing, you can create your amateur work right here. There is also a chance to watch movie. The ticket price is 12 USD, 6 USD.

The Walters Art Museum

This is the best museum in the city. It includes mass of interesting things: mummies, jewelry, furniture, weapon, and butterfly exhibition, art samples. The Egypt collection is the most glorious in the USA. You meet the great collection of French arts. The visiting of museum is free. Definitely, it can be a small fee for special exhibitions. There is also a cafe to have a snack.

The Baltimore Poe House and Museum

This mysterious house has 5 rooms. Edgar Poe lived here with his relatives. The portraits, personal things – you can learn everything about Poe’s life. There is no number on the house. So, it is better to get there by car or taxi. The rental car services in Baltimore are situated in the airports and all over the city. The ticket to enter the museum-house costs 4 USD.

Elizabeth and Evan Hunt

5 Things to Do in Baltimore:

  1. See the Poe’s Museum. It welcomes you on Sundays and Saturdays.
  2. Eat the crab-cake.
  3. Visit the cross Street to buy fresh meat, pastry and flowers.
  4. Visit the famous Trade Stone Gallery, specialized in arts and crafts.
  5. Go through the Bay-Bridge. The bridge connects Eastern and Western sides of the same name bay. The construction looks like two bridges, mixed together. One of them leads you direct to Washington!

The center of Baltimore is full of souvenir shops and entertaining centers. The Maryland Science Center is also near at hand. Travelling with kids, it is recommended to visit Port Discovery Children Museum. By the way, Baltimore is a place, where usual footing walk along the harbor looks like exciting excursion. You can see interesting boats and yachts of all sizes and characteristics. Look, there is an old submarine!