How Women Have ALWAYS Been Better Dressed Than Men

How Women Have ALWAYS Been Better Dressed Than Men

Well, I don’t need to give much explanation for the topic. We all know it since medieval times. Not being a feminist here but women will and always are better dressed than men. Here’s why:

1. Preparation:

Women do a lot of preparation before actually dressing up. They will take the pains to get up early, bathe, moisturize and smell nice before they set out to work. Women spend minimum 30-45 minutes and maximum 2 hours to get ready. They will make sure their dress is well ironed and suits the occasion. On the other hand, men don’t give a lot of importance to such stuff. They don’t like to spend more than 5 minutes for all the fuss. The most they can give is 15 minutes, that too only for special occasions.

2. Hygiene:

The bad smelling people usually are men and boys who haven’t bathed for 2, 3 or more days. Even those 5-10 minutes of bathing and getting ready seems too much of a task for workaholic men; many of them “forget” to bathe for almost a week. Other than their face, they never bother to shave or make efforts to smell good.However, women will always make it a point to smell nice if not look very good. Women have to keep their bodies waxed and hygienic. This helps them look way better than their counterparts. Women know how to impress a person, by affecting all of his/her senses.

3. Keeping up with the trends:

Women are always abreast with all the latest fashion trends and new styles of dressing, however, simple she prefers to live. They will follow various fashion websites and apps (like Tata Cliq app) and constantly update their wardrobes to remain in the trend. Most men hardly keep any track of fashion. Most of them even hate shopping and are absolutely comfortable with their old clothes; eventhough they have become rough and no more look as per their original colour.

4. Women love dressing up:

Men just want to wear something but not enjoy it whereas women love to dress up. Women always know, which shirt will go with which pant, which colour will complement the other, what jewellery will go with which outfit, how the hair should be styled according to the occasion and so on. Women are always particular about these things. This is why they always outshine men when it comes to looking good.

5. Variety in clothes:

Clothes for women are available in many hues,patterns, and designs. We have hundred different kinds of outfits to choose from and many more combinations to experiment with.

Men, however, don’t have that many options. They have those regular outfits which never change and cannot be experimented with. Men have always worn shirts, t-shirts, pants, suits and the like. This trend has hardly deviated in the last century.