Handicrafts Of India: A Blend Of Beautiful Culture and Modernization

Handicrafts of India

India is a country with rich traditional and cultural diversities. All these dissimilarities result in a vast range of Indian handicrafts. Handicrafts of India are globally acknowledged for their uniqueness and noticeable patterns and designs. Handicrafts are mainly crafted by hands with some creativity and uniqueness. Indians are very lucky to have such an outstanding and vast range of handicrafts such as hand-printed textiles, jute stuff, wood-ware, Metalware, bamboo goods, zari products, glassware, clay crafts, wood crafts, stone crafts and lots more.

Handicrafts of India: A Real Treasure

As we aware of the fact that India is blessed with so many cultural and traditional beauties. Among all, handicrafts of India are the real treasure. In India, we have noticed so many environmental and geographical states. It is the reason that the country has such an immense variety of handicrafts. Here are the different but major types of Indian handicrafts:

  • Wood Crafts: Wood crafts are created by the wood. Wood handicrafts of India have lived in the country ever since the prehistoric times. In India, there are many states famous for wood crafts. These states include the names like Jammu & Kashmir, Manipuri (Uttar Pradesh), Rajasthan, Gujarat, Kerala and Karnataka are well-recognized worldwide for their beautiful creations.
  • Metal Crafts: This particular range of Indian handicraft has an excellent range of products. The metal of the product includes silver, bronze, gold, brass, bell, copper etc. The metal handicrafts are mainly created in the states like Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat. The states like Bihar, Kerala, Assam and Tripura are worth declaring.
  • Glass Craft: The crafts prepared by the glass were very popular previously. It is marked from the archaeological conclusions at Basti (Uttar Pradesh) that glassware is approximately 2000 years old. Different decorative pieces like hanging lamp shades, chandeliers, glass lamps, glass lanterns and other eye-pleasing products are created in several areas of the country.
  • Clay Craft: The beginning of soil or clay crafts in the country dates back. The states of India like Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal are well-known for their varied outline of clay crafts.
  • Stone Craft: Among all handicrafts of India, stone crafts is the most poetic expressions of the cultural and traditional richness of the country. Statues of the deities, modeled on conventional archetypes continue to be created in the each corner of the country. These sculptures are made with the help of chisels and hammer. In India, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar and Orissa are the main centers for the creation of attractive and stunning crafts.

These handicrafts of India are the few highlights of the Indian handicraft beauties. There are countless varieties are available in the market to beautify your place or interior with its unique and matchless magnificence.