Dressing Tips For Working Women During Monsoon

Dressing Tips For Working Women During Monsoon

Monsoon may be bliss for the most part, but us, women, know the difficulty we face in this season. The biggest question is ‘What to wear?’ The answer is easy. Selecting perfect fashion clothes is an art everyone must learn. The only thing we have to do is follow some rules. During monsoon, we have to carefullyselectthe fashion clotheswe should wear, the heels that won’t get ruined in the rain and the accessories which will suit the occasion. Check out the following dressing tips that working women should not miss to follow during monsoon season.

#1 Avoid White and Dull Colors

You can beat the dull gray skies by prepping up with the brightest of blues, yellows and the oranges. Your white T-shirts will become transparent when wet and dirty very easily. It’s nice to look at vibrant colors on the streets when the skies are gray.

#2 Long Skirts and Trousers are a Big No

When we wear long skirts or trousers to work, they tend to become dirty. Either they get splattered by mud or wet because of the puddles. You could wear ankle length trousers or knee length skirts to work. They look classy, and your dress won’t be ruined too.

#3 Overcoats and Jackets

Bright colored jackets and coats to pair up with your dress will make every head turn. They will look smart and will keep you warm. Knee length long coats are the ‘in’thing now.

#4 Western Wear

If you have a party to go to and you have to wear that cocktail dress, pair it up with some boots. They won’t get ruined, and will totally go with that dress.

#5 Indian Wear

Many women prefer to wear Indian outfits to their place of work. In monsoons, instead of going in for the salwars and patialas, go in for short kurtis with leggings. Instead of long dupattas, go in for a scarf or a stole. Don’t wear long skirts, since they can get dirty very easily. Palazzo’s are perfect to team up with your kurti and won’t get dirty very easily. Although, if you’re wearing Palazzo’s, go in for dark colored ones.

#6 Footwear

Leather is a no-no for monsoons, as they soak up water and ruin the shoes. Try to go in for something sturdy like flip flops, flats, jelly shoes and floaters for regular wear. For a formal occasion or work, go in for something with a plastic coat on it, the ones that won’t absorb water.

#7 Hairstyling

Monsoon is a very humid season. So, instead of leaving your hair loose, you can tie it into a ponytail, a braid or a bun. Well, this is the time for you to experiment different hairstyles. Try new stuff which will be cute and unique.

#8 Makeup!

You get waterproof eyeliners and mascaras. These will last long and won’t get ruined, even if you get wet. Try not to apply foundation and bronzers because they will just wash away from the rain. Not only that, if you sweat, they may bleed onto your clothes, which are difficult to wash.

#9 Jeans

Jeans are the most comfortable clothes for this season but are tough to dry in the rain. So, if you have a clothes dryer, go for a pair of jeans to flaunt this monsoon.

#10 Raincoats and Umbrellas

One should pair different colored rain coats and umbrellas with your clothes during monsoon. They will look stunning and also shield you from the rains.

In today’s times, you don’t even have to go shopping to buy awesome fashion clothes. All you have to do is downloadapp from Playstore or iTunes on your smart phone and you are all set to go. You can sit at home and do your shopping.

Just do it right!