CRM In Cloud – Smart Tool For Smart Business

CRM In Cloud – Smart Tool For Smart Business

Economic crisis makes companies be more flexible and inventive, so to speak to be much stronger and stay rock-solid. Many opportunistic businesses start considering integration of CRM in cloudsoftware enables a sales department to retain existing clients and lure new ones. Bpm’online has firmly established itself on the international IT-market as the most promising provider of cloud CRMs based on the principle of software as a service or SaaS.

CRM In Cloud – Smart Tool For Smart Business

CRM in cloud on rise

CRM in cloud is an easy-to-use IT-solution that provides businesses with the tools to record and analyze customer experience and with a dramatically extended functionality. What really makes CRM in cloud stand out is that this solution is not presupposed prohibitive investments, but a monthly token payment to a vendor like bpm’online. SaaS services are highly preferable among small and medium enterprises, since this cloud solution is able to increase efficiency of all the departments of an organization, reducing expenses of the IT-infrastructure.

Why CRM in cloud?

There are some strong arguments why any forward-thinking business owner should deploy CRM in cloud like bpm’online CRM:

First of all, you save on infrastructure costs as you do not have to buy servers, uninterruptible power supplies and systems software and to worry on how to tailor it for objectives and needs of your business.

Then, you save on fixed charges of CRM’s maintenance and updating as crucially important task is performed by collaborators of bpm’online without any additional pay such as:

  • Secure data backup,
  • Monitoring and optimization of CRM in cloudprocessing speed,
  • Implementation of trouble-free performance of the system on the 7 × 24 × 365 basis,
  • Monitoring and stopping of an unauthorized access to your CRM in cloud,
  • Absolute integration with your software and applications,
  • You will no longer waste your company’s budget on the employees’ training as usage of CRM in cloudis as easy as surfing the Internet.

Cloud SaaS-solutions make it possible to pay only for the services you use. If you feel that you need additional functions of CRM in cloud or, on the contrary, some modules are useless for you, you can contact your provider, bpm’online at any time, and they will customize the cloud software to meet your expectations and specific requirements.

Business processes automation with CRM in cloud

Progressive CRM in cloud developed by bpm’online offers fine solutions for all business processes automation.

CRM In Cloud – Smart Tool For Smart Business

New clients search and attraction. The system has tools for marketing automation, lead management and lead nurturing. This cloud software automatically records and transfers leads from your website or email lists, and creates a new contact after a new incoming call from a potential client.

Sales management.  With a top notch CRM in cloudyou can have a comprehensive view of a purchase funnel, see how many deals are being processed at a particular time, which deals are just on the stage of negotiation, what commercial proposals are developed for a client or a target audience and how many contracts are signed. With this tool you can easily estimate productivity of every manager broken down by contacts, partners or by volume of sales.

Loyalty management. CRM in cloud helps your business establish an emotional connection with your customers and understand your clients’ desires properly by developing the most successful strategy of communication with each client via a prioritized communication channel. Close more profitable deals with CRM in cloud as with this tool you can customize statuses of deals in accordance with your sales process.

Finance control.  CRM in cloud manages to control information on the money flow circulation inside your business; also it keeps the records of all reciprocal payments, funds and accounts. This cloud technology without efforts provides calculation of employees’ wages, bonuses and fines and copes with the tasks of financial analysis and budget planning.

Customer’s management. In this module CRM in cloud keeps records of all customers, who made orders, and stores the total history of communication with them (correspondence, chatting, calls, contracts signed and refused, and transactions). The system automatically segments the clients in accordance with their profitability and financial activity so that your managers can easily focus on them.

The main purpose of bpm’online CRM in cloud is clients capture and total automation of all business processes with the aim of sales enforcing. This cloud solution helps you adopt decisions during commercial proposals, forecasts effectiveness of marketing campaigns and develops individual approaches to communication with every client, partner or targeted group.