Best Tips To Increase Your App Download From App Store

Best Tips To Increase Your App Download From App Store

It’s very important to have focus on app store optimization for the mobile publishers as there are many apps available in the market. This will help to rank the apps in the app store and to increase the number of app downloads. All the mobile app developers all need the increase in a number of people that download their app. Everyone’s top priority is the growth hacking.

Best Tips To Increase Your App Download From App Store

Here are some lists of tips that help your downloads number grow.

Great Translated Description-To put your app in the marketplace make sure that you have a long description for the app. This is all for your app’s ranking and your client. Your description should be localized in common language. You can use the languages like French, Spanish, Chinese or Korean. Using Google translate it can easily let you do translate automatically. Your description should have certain keywords. Go to the normal Ad words keyword tool. Not too much keyword, not too much long or short, keep it balanced and make a goldilocks description. Don’t forget to talk about the description that your app needs upon installation. As the user see them anyway so it’s better, to be honest from the start.

Social Media Outreach-Through the social network you can increase your app promotion. Through social media platform reach out to the potential user share your app story and press release and review pieces through an appropriate social media channel and ask them to re-tweet and share it.

Use Smart Banners-For mobile apps, mobile web is very important. There are two ways in which the user ends up on the mobile website through organic search or through the link. And to get discovered web search is the best way. To your mobile website if you receive organic traffic then it’s up to you to design the experience that will drive people to your app. The tested method for this is a smart banner.

Limited Discounts-For a period of time you can offer your app to the half or free. Couple that with the mentioned CPI campaign and a medium sized user base already in place. And the effect will be mind-blowing.

Onsite Blogging-To introduce the app to your visitors, write the blog post on your own website. Make sure that you post it through social networking channels and allow your channels to learn more. Include screenshots, demos, and images to the blog post in support of the app.

Give Desktop Users To Direct Access To Your App-Via text-yourself-the app feature links created have the highest conversion to sign up compared to other deep linking feature. If user spent time in entering the phone number, open a text and open a link then they make their mind have the app. When it comes to text-me-the-app link click we see the install rate of 42%.

PDF Submission-By making a PDF submission you can make your app promotion. Design a PDF brochure of your app and promote this through various channels. You can also upload the file on your website so that visitors can download.

In a year there is 7 million of download takes place in the portfolio, here are some tips to increase the download numbers. Make sure that you have the best team to work with you.