Bank Identification Number and Tool

BIN is Bank Identification Number that is written on bank cards. First 6 digits from 16 digits of bank card number are used as Bank Identification Number. Bank card may be generally like of debit card, ATM card, credit card, store value cards, gift cards and any other cards. Now, BIN is known as Issuer identification Number (IIN). 6 digit BIN number is unique number that does not any other card’s number. For saving you from any online or credit card fraud, companies use this BIN number to cross check your details that you are not fraud. There are lots of BIN checker tools available online that have their own database. If your BIN number matches with any number in database, then your card is valid otherwise not.

BIN list for all major credit cards are given here:

  1. Master card bin list- card number begins with 51 through 55.
  2. Diners club bin list- card number may start from 300 through 305, 36 or 38.
  3. JCB bin list- 35 is the starting number of card.
  4. Visa bin list- a 4 is starting range of Visa cards.
  5. Amex bin list- Amex card starts with a 37.

If you want to check all card’s starting number, you can get it on . BIN number tells us about many secure information such as brand of card, issued card is from any institution or bank, card type, category of card and country from which card belongs. Many online BIN checker tools are available on internet. You can find complete details about your card and may be save from any fraud.

Bank Identification Number (BIN) tools are:

  1. bincodes
  2. binlistcheck
  3. bindb

binlistcheck tool for BIN:

binlistcheck is an online BIN checker tool that tells you about your card detail. BIN list check tool allows you to check all cards that you used for online money transfer or shopping. Searching will be go through huge database and provide you accurate result. This is valid for credit card and debit card of all brands.

            How to find detail of you card on binlistcheck tool?

  • Go to and you will see a small from on the screen.
  • Enter first 6 digits of your debit card or credit card and click on “check” button.
  • Now, all details will be in front of you for your card. is the best solution for those who done online purchasing, online business, transactions, e commerce and other things. All type of card holders can believe on for getting correct result. For preventing any type of fraud, online companies first check your BIN number either you are valid customer or not. Do not be in such a dream, that fraud cannot happen with you. Maintain all your regular details and in case of there is any fraud, first contact to your bank and then card issuing company.

It is advisable for all if you are making an important online transaction, first inform your bank. So that there will be no problem in future.