Android – A Robot With A Human Appearance !

The operating system that has managed to engulf the people through its services and products is one of the most sought after technical invention. More than half of the world’s population carrying a device that is powered by the human-like robot, named as Android, is the proof of its increasing popularity. This has led to the emergence of android application development company that is in the race of providing the best applications. The glaring popularity of Android has manged to hide some of the useful facts and information under its light that could not be noticed.

Let us glance through some of the facts and figures of android that were unknown and quite astonishing to the layman.

Who is Android ?

The logo and name of the Android operating system was coined keeping in mind Andy Rubin, the co-creator of Android Inc, who showed immense love and obsession towards robots. Hence the logo depicts a robot with a human appearance. Android emphasizes the masculine gender of the robot whereas Gynoid emphasizes the feminine gender.

The stepson of Google:

Android was not a product of google but was adopted from Android Inc. Google acquired android in the year 2005 and released its first android powered phone in the year 2007.

Android versions:

Did you know that except for the first two versions, the other versions of android are named after sweet dishes?

We have the versions named in the alphabetical order as follows: A- Astro B – Bender C – Cupcake D – Donut E – Eclair F – Froyo G – Gingerbread H – Honeycomb I – Ice cream Sandwich J – Jellybean K – KitKat L – Lollipop M – Marshmallow and the latest N – Nougat.

Plethora of Apps

Did you know that there are approximately 5 lakh apps on the android platter that caters to different needs of the people ? It is estimated that nearly 20000 apps are seeing the sunlight every month adding to the volume of apps on the android platform. To meet the increasing needs of apps we have android application development company to the rescue.

Easy Accessibility:

Android is a purely open source operating system which provides an ocean of opportunities to all the developers to modify and make the necessary changes in the source code and also invent additional features in the operating system. It is said that Google being a member of OHA- Open Handset Alliance has motivated the android users or any other third party to have an easy access to the source code of the operating system. This has encouraged a ray of flexibility in operating and utilizing the open source platform to bring about innovations in the field of technology.

Astonishing Statistics:

There are approximately 1.4 billion android users in the world. Android’s global market share for the mobile operating system is 53.3% approximately. An average number of times Android users touch their phones each day is 2617 times. There are approximately 1 billion active android users in the world.

Android in Space:

Did you know that there is a device in space that is powered by Android?

NASA has installed Nexus S handsets in the Floating Space robots powered by Android Gingerbread.