A Better Way To Send Your Parcels

A Better Way To Send Your Parcels

When sending a parcel or present overseas it is common to spend the days between shipment and delivery worried about the status and handling of the parcel. Suddenly, sending a gift or other parcel becomes a source of anxiety, when it should be a source of happiness as you’re awaiting the excited phone call from a friend or family member. To avoid all of the stress and anxiety, entrust the package to a careful and committed courier company.

These cost efficient couriers will dutifully pick up the package at your address in Australia, then ensure it arrives at its final destination. With this alternative way of sending an international shipment, packages are much more likely to arrive on the right delivery date and with fewer bumps or issues along the way. Here is what truly sets a courier service apart from the larger international shipping companies.

Better Customer Service

Overall, a small, international courier, such as Parcel 2 Courier, will provide a more personal experience. This begins with the level of customer service offered when pricing and packing the parcel, and continues through delivery at the international location. There is no need to deal with rude or dismissive employees who tag and ship thousands of packages a day without any regard to markings of fragile or otherwise.

Parcel 2 Courier’s commitment to customer service extends to the information and detail provided about your shipment. Therefore, it is easy to track your package and stay informed on the exact location and arrival date. As well, because customer service and respect are such important aspects of the business, any and all questions are knowledgably answered. A representative is ready and available during regular business hours to alleviate any concerns about your shipment. Emergency calls are quickly and efficiently addressed.

Carefully Handling Your Parcel

When a package contains something valuable or irreplaceable, you do not want to risk that it is damaged or lost. This is particularly true when sending something personal and unique, such as photographs or family heirlooms. The loss of these items would be devastating. Therefore, you need a shipping company that will handle the items with the same care and concern as you would.

An express international courier is more reliable and more careful than the major, express shipping companies. The door-to-door delivery system ensures that a trained and responsible employee is constantly handling your parcel. These same employees are looking out for markings that indicate it as fragile, heavy, or bulky, to properly transport it.

Door Step Delivery

Most major shipping companies allow for customers to select the form of delivery. Options range from requiring a signature to simply leaving it on the doorstep. The same is true with a courier service, except the nature of delivery is taken a step further. The courier will ensure that the parcel is delivered to the right person, on the right day, at the right time. This means no longer are packages inadvertently left outside a busy apartment building or transported back to the company’s facility for the recipient to pick up.