7 Best Gadgets To Watch Out For In 2016

7 Best Gadgets To Watch Out For In 2016

The more the years pass us by, the more the dome of technology grows. Social media has done so much for the community in the last decade and now looks as if virtual reality is the next big thing. Whether it is wearables, handheld or desktop, the future is looking to welcome a barrage of great inventions soon.

2016 has introduced a bunch of cool new things that we can’t wait to throw our green at. You had best keep a good eye on your wallet if you wish to get your hands on any of the following upcoming gadgets.

  1. LG Rollable OLED

 LG Rollable OLED

Wouldn’t it be nice to carry your screen with your without having to deal with issues of weight and breakage?  Well LG is looking to make that into a reality with its Rollable OLED display. It is what the name says it does; you can roll the screen and it feels just as light as paper.

The product has been in development for about 10 years now and is nearly close to being ready soon. If it flies, it could usher in a new era for all devices that come with a screen.

  1. Oombrella Oombrella

Oombrella is on its way to being the first smart and connected umbrella that collects data on the weather and lets you know when you need it. It will let you know if there is a severe storm approaching. It even sends an alert to your phone in case you left it at your house or anywhere else.

  1. Moff Band PAC-MAN

Moff Band PAC-MAN

Pac-Man fans can now rejoice playing their favorite cookie muncher with a wearable band. No longer will you have to sit in the comforts of your chair as the band lets you play the game by moving your hands in all directions. Think of it as a fun exercising routine that you can make you sweat and have fun at the same time.

  1. Autonomous Driving Cars

 Autonomous Driving Cars

Google made headlines about bringing in automated cars for the future. This means that you no longer have to drive the car yourself to go somewhere you want to. This is also a good pass for those folks who are too young or do not have a license to drive. Now it seems Ford and Kia are looking to join the race.

  1. Nanoleaf Aurora

Nanoleaf Aurora

Allow us to shed a little more light to this point. Jokes aside, Nanoleaf Aurora introduces you to modular smart light panels. It looks to light the room according to your moods. This is perfect for parties or people who simply appreciate art. Let them brighten your life the way you want them to.

  1. Onagofly Nano Drone

Onagofly Nano Drone

Drones are the future of photography, cinematography, and delivery. Here is where we give you ONAGOfly’s Nano Drone. It will do not only what Zano failed to do last year, but also something better. It fits right in the palm of your hand, equipped with a high-res camera and a GPS tracker that follows anything or anyone around.

You can take pictures and make videos at angles that were never possible before. You can easily control it with your mobile device and it is quite affordable as well.

  1. URB-E


Feast your eyes on the world’s most innovative and portable electric scooter. It has a 20-mile range, a top speed of 15 mph, compact foldable design allowing you to carry it anywhere you like and it charges in 4 hours. You need not bother taking your car out for a simple drive down the block anymore.

Considering all the latest tech your eyes have witnessed above, we hope that you spend your money wisely and not all at once.

Author bio: Katey Martin works as a technician for Essay Help Deal. Not only does she continue to sharpen and improve her skills in engineering, but she is also high on the latest in cutting-edge technology. You can follow her on Facebook | Twitter | Google+