6 Tips For The Perfect Golf Swing

6 Tips For The Perfect Golf Swing

There are seldom sporting activities that require less brawn and more brain. Activities that make you appreciate life on the outside and admire the clear blue skies, the radiating sunlight and the cool breezes that come right on your face. Golf happens to be one of them.

There is a certain art to holding the club in your hand and taking a swing at the ball on the tee right below you. That is why we have gathered all of the best tips to help you get that perfect golf swing.

  1. Balance

The key to a perfect swing is a balance. If anything else besides the movement of the arms holding the club move, then the club could miss the ball. Keep yourself from moving back on your heels or forward on your toes during your swing. A strong example would be when you swing your club while standing on a foam log.

That is a lot harder to do than when you’re on firm and solid ground. But if you can learn to keep your balance on the log, you can do the same on the ground. Use these steps to find the right balance:

  1. Push your hips back
  2. Angle your spine to the ball
  3. Flex your knees slightly
  1. Keep Your Hands Low

If you want to reduce the height of your shots, you have to limit the height of the follow-through. The ball flight will be low as you keep your hands low. There are other ways to get the same results like moving the ball back in your stance or picking a stronger club and swinging easy, but they are harder to execute.

So the only logical approach is to keep your hands low and that way, your trajectory will be low as well.

  1. Start With The Club-Head First

The formula for a great swing rests in this order:

  1. Club-head
  2. Hands
  3. Arms
  4. Shoulders
  5. Hips

Your right arm has to stay close to your right side, so there is no need for you to force a straight-back takeaway. When the hands pass the right leg, your weight should shift to the right. As soon as the club is parallel to the ground, it must also be parallel to the target line.

This means that the club has to be swinging on the correct arc. The face of the club should be toe up, which makes it square to the swing arc.

  1. Practice Your Tempo

Try to keep the pace of your swing slowly, but not that slowly. Practicing in tempo allows your hands and your body square the face of the club to the proper line. It also allows you to change your body weight in the right order for full power.

  1. Move To The Right Side

When your weight continues to move to the right, the momentum of the swing, as well as the folding of your right elbow, will hinge the club in a 90-degree angle.  The left arm has to be slightly higher than the right, which will prove that the right isn’t the one in control of the swing.

  1. Relax And Let It Go

The last thing to do is to swing and see where the ball lands. It is ideal to note that the swing is not vertical, horizontal or even flat. It has to be in the pattern of a tilted circle. If you use that pattern you will get even better results. Ensure that there is no tension in your swing or it will throw it off.

Now that you have all of the tools at your disposal, all you need to do now is execute your plan of attack and just have fun with it.

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