6 Common Motorcycle Accidents And How To Avoid Them

Motorcyclists are not at a higher risk for accidents, but they are more likely to have an accident that results in a serious injury or death to the driver. If you ride a motorcycle, one of the easiest ways to keep yourself safe is to learn about the most common types of accidents. Here are the six top types of accidents that motorcyclists encounter and the best ways to avoid them.

Cars Turning Left

This is one of the more common accidents that a motorcycle rider will face in their lifetime. Either a car does not see or they incorrectly judge how fast you are moving and turn left in front of you. This usually leads to a bad collision that is avoidable if you are paying attention.

You can avoid this collision if you pay attention and look for cars that aren’t paying attention at intersections. Keep an eye on drivers who are waiting to turn as well as looking for gaps in traffic at intersections or parking lots, watching wheels for signs of movement. In these situations, you should slow down, cover your breaks, and be prepared to take swift action.

Opened Doors

This type of an accident tends to happen in urban areas that are busier than other areas. If you are riding your motorcycle through a crowded and busy area, it is best if you pay attention to cars that are parked on the side of the road. While many drivers will keep an eye out for cars, they tend to be unaware of motorcyclists and may open their door directly in your path.

Hitting Gravel on Blind Corners

Another common type of accident is going around a blind corner and hitting a patch of gravel. Motorcycle riders will usually wipe out in these situations because of sand, gravel, leaves, or other debris that cause your bike to skid while you are going around a corner.

While it may be a struggle for the daredevils, you should always try to ride your motorcycle at a speed where you are able to respond quickly. Your reaction time and capability should match the range of your overall vision so that you can stop in time. When you are out cruising, try to follow the “Slow In, Fast Out,” rule.

Fast Corner Entrances

Choosing to enter a corner at a high speed is a huge cause of accidents. When you enter a corner too quickly there is a chance that you will not be able to make it all the way around the corner safely. To avoid this type of accident, you should ride at an average speed and pay attention to street lamps to judge the direction of roads.

Lane Splitting

Lane splitting happens when a motorcyclist drives on the line between slow moving or stopped cars so they can get where they are going faster. It’s a huge cause of accidents because you are in close quarters with cars at a reduced speed when drivers do not expect to see you next.

This one is easy to avoid, as long as you choose to stop lane splitting. Not only is it a dangerous practice for everyone who is involved, it tends to give those who own a motorcycle a bad name. Additionally, lane splitting is illegal in a variety of states and you will be held liable for the accident if one occurs.

Hazards on the Road

Conditions such as uneven roads, slippery pavement, and debris can cause accidents easily. Motorcycles have less stability on the road and are far more likely to be affected by adverse road conditions. If you can avoid these conditions, you should do so; however, if you must take a dangerous road pay more attention to your surroundings and drive more slowly than normal.

Although those who ride motorcycles are at an increased risk for serious accidents, taking the right precautions increases the chances that you will make it home. Make sure that you pay attention to these tips and wear the proper gear when you are out cruising to keep yourself safe.

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