10 Changes That Canada’s Immigration System Will Have To Go Through

Immigration Consultants for Canada

The new government in Canada led by the Prime Minister Mr. Justin Trudeau seems to be ambitious and hopeful. There are already a few positive changes being made in the country. This also accentuates the changes in the immigration system. Canada is one of the easiest and smoothest countries when it comes to the immigration policies. The country’s flexible immigration policies allow the people to move across and into the country facilely. One reason, Canada is loved by all. With the new government appointed, these policies are likely to change for good.

The current ruling party in Canada has always been sympathetic to the cause of immigrants. The government has cleared his intention of promoting multiculturalism in Canada. The concept of Multiculturalism in Canada means, allowing an easy and hassle free process for the immigrants coming from different cultures and countries to integrate into the Canadian Society. These newcomers need not shun their own identity in this process.

Here are a few friendly changes that are likely to take place in the immigration policy

  • The visas for the parents and grandparents sponsorship have been aggrandized from 5,000 to 10,000 per year. Immigration Consultants for Canada says the sponsorship means the right of an already settled immigrant to sponsor their parents or grandparents for a Canadian Visa. This change will help the whole family to settle in Canada.
  • The wait times for family class immigration applicants will be reduced. The budget for achieving the same purpose has been doubled.
  • The express entry is a super fast system under which working Visa for Canada can be achieved. The government will increase the points allocated to the applicants with siblings as Canadian Citizens.
  • The Mexican travel from Canada will no longer require visas.
  • The Labour Market Impact Assessment fee for the families in the pursuit of caregivers is $1000. This fee will no longer apply for the families who are looking for caregivers to take care of their physically and mentally disabled family members.
  • Free healthcare access to the refugees or asylum seekers will be given. If these asylum seekers or refugees have pending pension by the government.
  • The government is determined to make it easy for the international students attaining Canadian Citizenship. The adjustments in the Experience Class program will be made to achieve the same. However, the exact details are not specified but the changes are likely to eliminate hurdles for the international students.
  • The time credit of the Citizenship Residency for the Canadian International students will be restored.
  • The conditional Permanent Residential Policy allows the spouses of the residents to attain a permanent visa for Canada. According to the Immigration Consultants for Canada, the waiting period of the same was two years, which means that the couple had to stay in a relationship for two years to prevent the visa from being revoked. The new government has decided to strike-off this waiting period of two years.
  • The maximum age of the dependents will be 22 years old as opposed to previously determined 19 years. This way, children can easily move with their parents.

Canada is a great country to settle. The hassle-free immigration policy and great work opportunities in the country make it exemplary in terms of immigrating.