What Is Your Type? – Truck vs. SUV and Crossover

Car buying is frequently an arduous process, and as a rule it is very emotional. To purchase the right vehicle you will regularly have to decide between what you want and what you actually need in a vehicle. The standard requirements are safety on the road, best price-value ratio, versatility, for your own personal requirements. Undoubtedly, you would like your car to be stylish and look nice. IF you are looking for a medium or large sized vehicles then crossovers and truck should be your best match. But even if you have made up your mind about the type of a vehicle to purchase, there are still lots of factors to consider. Below you can find major pros and cons of each vehicle type to understand what works better for you.

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Should you Buy a Truck?

Trucks are mostly meant for work or for off-the-road activities. The classy example of a modern stylish truck is GMC Sierra which is on top of want list today. When getting a truck you should also consider whether you need to haul equipment or gear for work. Here are the main pros and cons of trucks.

The Pros:

All trucks are designed to carry very heavy loads that no other vehicle type can. They can also be the perfect fit for snow and rough roads, where a regular car may get stuck. Trucks main purpose in mostly connected to heavy work and they are not the best choices for a highway use.

The Cons:

As trucks must carry heavy loads and have off-road capability, they are designed to be on a taller platform to offer ground clearance; it means a higher center of gravity, which compromises a lot stability and road handling.

Another very important thing for a city life is ease of parking. Trucks are not maneuverable vehicles especially in tight spaces. So if you choose a truck only to show-off, then you may reconsider your choice. If you need a vehicle for heavy duty job, then truck is definitely the perfect match for you!

Is the SUV Right for You?

SUVs and crossovers are not less common choice of automotive lovers and experts because of their great benefits and appearance. Read about the best application of these vehicles and disadvantages to be ready for.

The Pros and Cons:

If you take a hatchback or station wagon and make it a little taller then you get an SUV or crossover. This has nothing to do with a truck. Automotive experts explain that this is an in between vehicle. If you check automotive website for let’s say Nissan Rogue you will see that people frequently use it in snowy parts of a country because they appreciate having a possibility to get up the driveway or down the road in any weather conditions.

The main disadvantage is connected to the fuel economy which, however, has started to improve. You should also be ready for the high seating position which is perfect for long road trips and sightseeing.