What Are The Key Benefits Of Using LED Lighting

What Are The Key Benefits Of Using LED Lighting

Businesses and individuals or homeowners looking for efficient energy solutions can now make savings on their utility bill a reality. The quickest and easiest way of achieving energy efficiency and saving money too alongside is to switch to LED lighting.

Incandescent lights are energy guzzlers and are highly inefficient as a significant portion of the energy is converted into heat making them an extremely hot and uncomfortable source of light. Fluorescent lights can create health issues as they contain mercury.

LED lights can be the best alternatives to the fluorescent bulb. Earlier‚ they were regarded as costly alternatives to incandescent and fluorescent lights but now since the price of LED lights have plunged southwards‚ they are without any semblance of doubt‚ your best alternative.

Here are some of the key benefits of making a transition to LED lights to illuminate your homes and offices.

Lasts Significantly Longer

When you change to LED lights‚ you can expect them to last longer. The best quality LED bulbs offer a minimum of 11 years of continuous operation. You can expect your LED bulb to last for at least 20 years if you use them for an average of eight hours per day. The LED bulbs also maintain the original brightness right through their lifespan.

 High Efficient

LED lights consume less power than other types of bulbs. As they use less electricity, the energy efficiency is very high when compared to conventional light bulbs. It is estimated that about 80% of the electrical energy is converted to light, while 20% is lost and converted into heat in LED bulbs which is an impressive figure. It also translates into less maintenance work and huge savings.

Provides Instant Lighting

Unlike other types of bulbs that take time to heat up and provide optimal lighting‚ LED lights can illuminate your room instantly when the power is switched on. They are ideal for use in signal lights‚ commercial establishments and stadiums as there is no flickering and waiting. You want light? Just switch on the LED system and get instant illumination

Highly Durable

LED bulbs are hollow inside and not made of glass. They are less fragile than fluorescent and incandescent bulbs and hence more durable. They are also designed to withstand shocks and vibrations. This makes them ideal for use in outdoor lighting systems. They can easily withstand exposure to harsh elements and pollution.

Does Not Emit Heat

LED bulbs are easy to handle as they do not get heated externally unlike other types of bulbs. You can touch LED bulbs that were on for hours on end without burning your fingers. It also does not heat up the room as very little heat is emitted.

Can Be Dimmed

When you use LED bulbs you can have full control over the lighting as these bulbs can be dimmed. Better distribution of light can be achieved through proper placement and precise dimming. LED light systems can help in achieving amazing lighting effects that can be easy on the eye. They can also be superb mood elevators as research has proved that proper illumination can influence the mood of humans.


LED lights are eco-friendly as they are devoid of any toxic materials. They offer a great way of reducing your carbon footprint.