Wedding Tips : How To Cut Cost On Your Wedding Flower Budget

Wedding Tips How To Cut Cost On Your Wedding Flower Budget

Wedding is an occasion of various emotions. Though brides are the main attraction of any wedding, decoration part also costs you lot of expense. And you all know, decoration without flowers is like sea without sand. Totally emotionless! Undoubtedly, they are heart throb of any occasion. However, selecting flowers is one of the most frustrating tasks for both brides and grooms.

Another surprising thing in wedding is, the flower cost. You have to prepare a database and get some ideas accordingly from which you can get an idea on spendable amount, unplanned expenses, wasted money and can easily sort out finished task one by one. Make a to-do list of your wedding tasks and start working on it after deliberating approximate expense. The amount is based on your demand. It costs too much bucks if you want same day flowers delivery in london because sudden plan makes you to pay a little more. So, how to cut cost and plan a budget-friendly decoration in the wedding? Think wisely to act smartly. Just follow the below given steps…

  1. Consider flowers that do not require hand wiring and special work to be used in a bouquet.

You have seen some decent cascading style bouquets and at the very next moment, you have decided to design the same in your wedding. Those cascading bouquets look lovely but they don’t grow that way. The florist has to wire or tape each individual bloom and then it can be placed to sell. One smart way is, choose the flowers which have legitimate stems such as roses, calla lilies, gerbera daisies and much more which can seriously reduce your budget.

Wedding Tips : How To Cut Cost On Your Wedding Flower Budget

  1. Gorgeous trumps overdone any day of the week, and if you’re planning to get married at a place that is already beautiful, you don’t need a large floral centerpiece.

Sometimes, your guests criticize those large floral arrangements. In wedding decoration, you need to decorate all the highlighted parts of the venue. So you tend to decorate bridesmaid table and groomsmen table but without using flowers, you can opt for candles, vases, lanterns and many other alternatives which can cost you a lot less than flowers. Nevertheless, you can also have some flowers on your table to give your existence the color without spending massively on wedding arrangements. You can consider three different heights of the vase which contain three individual stems. You can choose calla lilies or orchids as a filler which gives your arrangement a simple and elegant touch.

  1. You can have flowers on the table without using them in centerpieces

You can plan this smart way. Consider tying one orchid flower to each napkin or you can stuff the bottom of hurricane vases with elegant rose petals. Sometimes, a simple sprinkle of rose petals can also give your wedding a rich look.

  1. Remember that if you choose flowers that aren’t glad in the climate of your occasion, you won’t be able to reuse them in your décor because they aren’t alive for a long time.

If you’re choosing flowers that thrive in your area and in that particular climate, then you can put those bouquets on the cake table or guest book table and they’ll look amazing all the night. They shouldn’t even need to stay in vases because they look much prettier laying on their sides. In case, if you’re using tulips, hydrangea or something else that is extremely heat sensitive then they’ll die after sometime and will not look pretty at the reception party.

This article is a small effort to guide some budget oriented people. Don’t boycott flowers from your wedding decoration. You also can choose less number of flowers and make your place elegant. Budget management is necessary, especially for the occasion like weddings. Manage your budget and spend little more on your must-have requirements. All the best!