Verona Shopping Points: The Cheaper The Better

Verona Shopping Points: The Cheaper The Better

Verona is not only historical and cultural center. There is definitely a serious reason to go there – shopping tour. The most pleasant: you can successfully combine watching sights and shopping. For example, after visiting Juliet’s Museum, you can go to the nearest trade center Glienfield Passage – getting wants and needs met.

Via Mazzini Shopping Street

The street is comfortably situated to the North from the historical heart of Verona – Piazza Bra. So-called trade artery starts from Arena di Verona going further to Via Cappello. You will never lose your way – see Juliet statue and turn right. The shopping strategy in Via Mazzini is the following: you should walk down the street in the evening, learning prices and comparing shops. The next step is shopping: you look like experienced shopper, well-trained and fashion oriented. Remember that the street is narrow and overcrowded. So, it goes, the tourists walk from Juliet’s house to Arena over and over again.

Corso Porta Borsari Shopping Street

This trade platform is situated in parallel with popular Via Mazzini. You can find worthy boutiques and shops, full of high-class clothes. Pay attention to lanes. For example, the little shop that is situated next to Carnaby Street S.R.L, boasts with not bad selection of men’s wear. What is more, you have a chance to find interesting clothes and footwear, represented by Etro, DG, Stone Island trade points. The lanes are free from tourists and big crowds.

Do not forget to have a drink of wine in Bugiardo. You will never lose this place: the big crowd before entry – they are funny and bright in the eye. Many of them are singing and dancing. As a rule, all of them are well-dressed and attractive.

Verona Shopping Points: The Cheaper The Better

Corso Santa Anastasia Shopping Place

The cozy ancient street Santa Anastasia boasts with high-fashioned clothes just from the runway. The collections of Italian designers, leading world-popular couturiers and other producers are waiting for their buyers. You can see not only clothes, but real masterpieces, antique things. There is a chance to buy something attractive and original for your home, of course, if you will never pass by the artist shops like Antichita Sottoriva, Arts Noveaux, Antichita Due Torri or Boxart.

San-Zeno Square – Popular Shopping Place

If you are really interested in art samples and antique things, welcome to San-Zeno. You know, it is difficult to find any other place with a high concentration of beauty and originality. The square is full of little shops and markets, specializing in ancient trades. One more thing, the interesting painted works of Verona’s painters are gathered together in this romantic place.

Via Pelliccial Cheap Shopping

If you are not aimed to catch the most popular brands, looking for high quality, pay attention to the little shops close to Via Pelliccial. You can meet democratic prices for footwear, clothes of Italian designers.

So, as you can see, going shopping along the central streets is not right. Nevertheless, such central boutiques as Dev, Al Duca D’Aosta or Alexandra Boutique offer to buy the world-popular brands and latest collections. The significant feature of shopping in Verona is comfort. The assortment is wide, there are no big crowds in the shops, and the individual approach is available.

Verona is worth visiting to buy such young trademarks like N.D.C. made by hand, Surface To Air and Moscot. You can also visit popular Macondo shop or Givenchy and Henrik Vibskov boutiques. Want to buy anything original? Looking for originality, go to the Wooden Store, where the local designers work. They create and sell models on their own. The interior of Wooden Store is mostly unusual for Italian boutiques – Scandinavian style. The good high-original stuff for cheap!

Verona Shopping Points: The Cheaper The Better

Malls and Shopping Centers

A big mall La Grande Mela contains three-storey multiplex with cinemas, billiard rooms, boutiques, play grounds, bars and restaurants. You can spend your time with friends, have fun or crowd your bag with popular Italian brands. You can visit this place with your family. Everyone can find the fancy interest here. There are more than 130 trade points.

Centro Commerciale Le Corti Venete is situated not far from Verona, A4 highway. It takes 10 minutes to get there. The central point is IPER hypermarket. There are more than 65 shops, including Euronics, Sportler, Zadar, Bata and others, restaurants, popular entertainments. The free parking is also available.

Grand’Affi Trade Center

This trade center contains more than 40 shops and big hypermarket. The mall works from Monday till Saturday 9 a.m.-9 p.m. There is Garda Lake near at hand. People like having rest there, 200 meters for highway. You can buy leather goods, clothes, shoes, technic, flowers, and food. There is free Wi-Fi. The trade center is a platform for organization different exhibitions and cultural events. Do not forget that all shops in Verona have a break.

Markets in Verona

Traditionally, San-Zeno Square is famous with its fairs. You can buy something useful, like old car, furniture, motorbike and other things. Want to buy food? It is better to go to the main city market, situated in Piazza delle Erbe. You should go along Via Cappello, turn left and you are in place. Try to visit local restaurants, offering to taste light drinks and aromatic coffee. The clothes assortment is cheaper in the markets than in the city boutiques. The choice of souvenir products is wide. Nevertheless, the prices for souvenirs are too high. So, learn the prices and make conclusions.

Verona Shopping Points: The Cheaper The Better

Speaking about outlets, you cannot find them in Verona. Sit in your car and go on the road to Milan. Outlet Village is the nearest outlet not far from city. Rental car services in Verona are concentrated in the airport or city center. Chose whatever you like and go ahead! The fashion city is waiting for your visit! It contains more than 160 trade points to buy underwear, toys, presents, accessories that are important for all shopping hunters. Hunting for the world popular brands for 70% sales, you should make a stop in Verona.