Things To Consider Before Buying Virgin Remy Hair Extensions

virgin remy hair extensions

Egypt was the country where the use of hair wig started. Egyptians in the ancient days use to wear wigs to protect their natural hair from dirt and direct sun. They were made out of slave’s hair and it was viewed as a symbol of class among them. Many celebrities are seen with beautiful hair all that is wig. There are many brands to choose from. Wigs and hair extensions made from human hair are much in trend these days. Buying them online would cost you less as compared to buying from any shop or general store. Wigs not only work as covering the baldness but also add to the style of your hair. Some of the popular wigs are: African-American wigs, curly wigs and hair extensions.
Certain things to consider before buying virgin remy hair extensions:

1. Know the product well: Remy hair is superior to other hair types in some ways; it has got natural lust and shine, strength, longevity and softness. In it all the hair lies in the same direction. In this way it is very easy to maintain and they are very less prone to tangle.

2. Ensure the condition of your hair: Continuous use of hair extensions may cause damage to your hair follicles. It is very important to ensure that your hair quality is good enough to proceed with virgin remy hair extensions. If you are using sew-in method then you will have to make sure that your hair is quite strong and healthy and it should be more than 2 inches in length. Make sure that in a period of six months remove it for at least 2 week’s time.

3. Choose the right length for you: They are many magazines and fashion gurus who will suggest you with many options for the length of your hair. You should decide what length suits you and you face. Always take a note of your facial shape then only decide about the length of your hair.

4. Be wise enough while choosing your style: Choosing the style is another risky task when it comes to hair extensions. You should choose such style that will go well with your face cut. While choosing the style take account of your height, body type, skin color, face shape and the color of your eyes.

5. Know the quality of remy:  Knowing the equality of remy is also another important factor. Remy hair is very soft and smooth. It feels like fluid is running through your fingers. It is lustrous and shiny but does not look waxy at all. It comes in two categories one is virgin and the other one is non-virgin.

All virgin remy hair extensions are made to last for a year or two. They are quite smooth and silky. If you want them to last long you need to take good care of them.