The Most Effective Sales Automation Tools That Will Boost Your Business Performance

Interface of sales automation tools that users like

Are you ready for the big sales and profits? Dreaming of managing your business on autopilot? No problem! Here is the solution.

Custom sales automation tools and CRM-system offered by bpm’online is designed for professional management of sales of all types (orders, leads, returning customers). With first-rate customer management, software you will never bother your head and see your profits go up. Just use the ready-made processes described below to manage the complete sales cycle efficiently!

  • Attracting customers – you will be able to use custom-made pre-sales processes to attract customers.
  • Lead management – bpm’online will help you make the most out of the sales process. Manage your leads, transactions, orders and invoices, implementing the solutions customized to the needs of your business that combine the best practices of sales, taking into account the types of sales and channels of sales.
  • Sales management – happy customers of bpm’online can prove that a fine-tuned sales process is an essential part of great results.
  • Orders management – manage orders from your customers quickly and masterfully.
  • Service management – using CRM products designed by bpm’online platform, you will manage your clients on each stage of the sales funnel: from acquaintance with the product to filling out orders and delivering services.

Interface of Sales Automation Tools that users Like

If you choose bpm’online, you will enjoy a simple interface like thousands of their customers do. You will be able to find the needed function or information within minutes from any device (PC, tablet, smartphone, etc.). Using their customer management software, you will have all the needed data at hand. It will enable you to focus on your current tasks.

What does bpm’online offer you?

Bpm’online is proud to offer you a custom system that is aimed at managing the complete sales cycle: from the analysis of your customers’ needs to filling out the order forms and payment control.

  1. With the help of sales automation tools you will be able to easily manage the sales funnel and adjust your leads strategy following the reference process.
  2. Using dashboards you will monitor your sales. The system contains all the necessary metrics to help you make the right management decisions.
  3. With bpm’online sales you will be able to generate sales and close leads just in a few clicks. It will give you a great opportunity to manage your staff effectively.

Increase your Sales Due to the Automation of Searching, Attracting and Retaining your Customers

Well, first of all, you should always keep in mind that the development of your business is hardly possible without forming a customer database, managing and enlarging it in a professional way. How to keep records of customers, their activities and attract new clients increasing your sales? How to retain potential customers and turn them into customers and loyal customers? What are the main difficulties that you may encounter when it comes to these business processes? And how to fix them?

The Most Effective Sales Automation Tools That Will Boost Your Business Performance

Understanding the objectives and goals will give you the answers to the questions mentioned above. It will help you make the interaction with your customers smoother.

Indeed, the process of customer management can be divided into 4 stages:

  1. Searching and attracting new customers to increase your clientele.
  2. Managing your customers, their requests, calls and orders to increase conversion.
  3. Closing opportunities and retaining customers to boost your profits.
  4. Increasing the number of returning customers, retaining them to maintain and increase the sales volumes.

Why do you need Automation? 7 Benefits of Sales Automation Tools for your Business

The Most Effective Sales Automation Tools That Will Boost Your Business Performance

Here are 7 main benefits that you will enjoy if you automate your business:

  1. You will formalize the processes of searching, attracting and retaining your clients.
  2. The automated system will regulate all incoming and outgoing information about all your customers and their activities, giving you access to the history of interaction with all the customers whenever you need it. It will help you manage your client base successfully.
  3. You will be able to use custom methods of maintaining the system. It will help you organize a comprehensive database that will enable you to interact with each client more efficiently.
  4. Control over your managers, staff and their current tasks ensuring a successful implementation of the sales plan.
  5. You will get a great tool for analysis, sales management and performance evaluation at each stage of all business processes.
  6. You will get a custom loyalty tool for managing clients that will help you build a relationship with your customers in the best way possible, increasing your profits.
  7. You will be able to manage your business expertly receiving regular reports and tracking all the key performance indicators optimizing the whole process.

Use Top-notch Sales Automation Tools and Customer Service Automation Systems to get Better Results

Nowadays, there are a lot of customer management systems and related software solutions in the IT market. However, they can be used to implement and automate only some of the business processes described above.

Of course, to succeed in managing your customer base you will need a comprehensive system that will cover all the processes. It should cover all possible groups of potential buyers, all sources of income and all stages of the sales.

Bpm’online will solve all these tasks of complex automation and will be glad to offer you the most effective sales automation tools that will meet your needs and needs of your customers. Bpm’online has already successfully implemented dozens of such complete multifunction systems.

Customer management software developed by bpm’online will help you build and formalize all the business processes from attracting and retaining customers in a single information space to increasing the manageability of sales and profitability of the business in general.

Their professionals will assist you with setting the basic processes of marketing structures that are responsible for working with clients, selecting and implementing information programs. Be sure you will get the needed consulting and comprehensive support at any stage.