Some Of The Shocking Stats Of Cyber Security You Must Know

File Integrity Monitoring

Cyber security is the major concern of IT industry nowadays as number of cyber crimes occur every second or every minute. Cyber security provides techniques to protect computers, programs, data and networks from any unauthorized identities that want to exploit the security. More and more malwares and attacks are getting added day by day. According to some research, it has been that around 2, 30,000 malwares are added in a day. There are many cyber criminals who exploit the security of many organizations and even tend to steal the confidential information of individuals.

Shocking Stats of Cyber Security that can be improved by File Integrity Monitoring:

  1. Have you ever heard that a virus can cause a lot of damage? Yes, there are some viruses that do not only damage the data, but also harms the finance of an organization. There is a virus named as MyDoom that is the most costly virus in the world. This virus was irstly detected in 2004 and since then it has become a rapidly spreading email virus.
  2. Cyber security has affected healthcare industry in a great way that 23% of the data breaches have been done to the data of healthcare industries.
  3. There are number of people who use applications like Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash or Java that are more vulnerable to risks. It has been surveyed that around 99% of computer users have these applications on their systems. Hackers generally make use of such application by displaying infected advertisement and just one click on such ads might give the hackers full access of your system. Therefore, around 99% people who use computers are vulnerable to security risks.
  4. According to some survey, millions of web attacks occurred every day in the year 2015 because the administrators of websites were unable to secure the websites. Out of all legitimate websites, there are around 75% of the websites that are at risk.
  5. It has been found that 98% of web applications that are tested has more chances of attacking the security.
  6. According to a research, it is discovered that every year, around 80 million to 90 million attacks that in turn causes 400 new attacks per minute. Out of these attacks, around 70% attacks remain unnoticed.
  7. It has been stated by an Information Commissioner that around 93% of attacks or risky incidents take place because of human mistakes and errors.

Use of File Integrity Monitoring in Cyber Security:

Role of FIM is to allow system administrators, managers and security professionals to look into the files and directories that change over the time. It basically validates the integrity of files of application software’s and operating system with the help of a verification technique.

Promisec Enterprise Manager is a tool for a File Integrity Monitoring that aims at providing FIM capabilities that are hash based so that IT and security professionals could identify the changes as soon as possible. Promisec Enterprise manager can also identify whether those changes are legitimate or can harm the security of data. Promisec file integrity monitoring platform has a file reputation service is able to deliver analysis from a virustotal database. With the help of this service, you can get to know about threats and advanced malware and even more detailed information about threats and malwares.